General Conversation on NAR, Indications and also Marvels, and also Pythonic

Don Pirozok and also Jeff Nicholes


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  1. Lol when are you guys going to realize the Bible is the PROBLEM. I don't know how you cant see that. Doctrine DOESN'T SAVE YOU. Your own interpretation of the Bible does NOT SAVE YOU.

    Come and partake in the LITERAL BODY AND BLOOD in Christ, lest you deny me end up like those in JOHN **6:66** who denied this. Salvation on a book is NOT CHRISTIANITY and NEVER has been.

    95% of Christian Churches DONT OPERATE ON DOCTRINES. We use LITURGY WITH ORDAINED PRIESTS. Been doing this for 2000 years. I feel bad for the Anabaptists. I don't see how they can be so blinded. EVERYONE has a bible in their hand – IT CANT SAVE YOU.

  2. I have a family member who was ordained resentlly as a pastor of kingdom now/theology, frusterated,..because i have no clue where he stand doctrinally,..its a combination of gen 1;26. ,kingdom of God,kingdom of heaven, not the traditional Hypostatic union, but has been convinced of THE Kenosis of christ,.hes expieriencing, trances,visions, orders like vanilla saying that angels r present, hes really into angels, astral travel to other dimentions, he also expiriences translation to different places, he believes im not a true believer it i dont operate in. Street signs and wonders as he dose,.he believes Revelation 12, is the great end time revival, to defeat anrichrist with supernatural powers greater than jesus, he believes he will be imortal during that time, he calls me religious, old school, when i challenge his beliefs he says that i have demons,..this family member and myself were radically saved in the late 80's we became lay ministers 3 yrs later in the assemblies of god,..i was 20 and the family member was 23,..we confronted cults doctrinally, jw, mormons, new age, ect,. We knew our bible,…but my family member went to see Bob Jones, in that conferance he stated there was gold glitter, how to go the Heaven any time, angels, supernatual expiriences,.into love, not addressing sin, eternal torment, how to live godlly in christ, hyper grace views….he was not the same after that,..we came from a occult back round,,,,,what is the best way to approach this kingdom now theology doctrine,..with sound biblical examples,..this movment is spreading all over massachussettes, conneticut, maryland,rode island, new york, its all over miami,vero beach, west palm beach, orlando,..ect. i been following this movement for 6yrs,..they r now doing satelite small group house studies, home cell groups,,they r like a militant group,..,do u have any advice?

  3. great discussion guys, and well done. i hope the views clock up dramatically but if they dont, then i guess the number of views reflects the falling away. as a small aside, please correct the title that currently says sings and wonders


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