Jan Markell on the Globe Falling Apart

Just How has the Church been coming under apostasy? Learn with visitor Jan Markell on the program Christ in Prediction.


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  1. I LOVE the Lamb and Lion Ministries and Understanding The Times Ministries. They teach only the truth about the end times and the soon return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray for both of Ur ministries, and, everyone who works for U. U must continue the hard work of telling the truth. God bless U!

  2. Let the world fall apart!! Let the elements burn up with a fervent heat!! Let it all be shaken up as in a violent earth quake! Only what remains will matter and endure—and that would be Jesus and His children in the kingdom that will last for eternity Maybe instead of talking about what is falling apart and being shaken we should be talking about what/who will remain

  3. If we talk about it there is a subtle 'cold-shoulder' that follows. Facebook is one of the few outlets that I have to discuss this most urgent topic. I have found that my 'friends' on Facebook prefer, by and large, to talk about secular things, even though most assert that they're Christians.

  4. Christians are to be grounded in God's word, not in Israel. She had a man on her show who said that if you don't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, you belong to Satan. She doesn't teach sound biblical doctrine. Shalom in Jesus.

  5. I wrote this BEFORE watching the video but AFTER listening to your opening. Oooohhhhhh, Brother, THAT is exactly what I have been saying and more now than before….What is GOD doing? If I, being a sinner, am sick at looking at all the killing, violence and perversion in this world, how GOD look upon such things with HIS HOLY EYES? …. and GOD when is enough ENOUGH with YOU? It is not my desire to see evil mankind punished, I just want to see JESUS reign & rule in Jerusalem. HIS rule, laws and ways will be fair, unbiased and righteous. I want to finally see PEACE on our poor, curse-groaning earth. Now. I will watch the video program. Just LOVE Jan Markell. What a Watchman in the wall she is. Yes, Jan, “ the remnant” is on fire for GOD is RIGHT.

  6. Gods elect will be delivered up to stand against the false messiah in the latter days. They will not premeditate what they will say, but these who were chosen before the foundations of the world will let the HOLY SPIRIT speak through them with the cloven/Pentecost tongue that was stated in ACTS 2 and again mentioned in JOEL 2 where the sons and daughters will prophecy in a language that all can understand and will convert many, even the gain sayers will be converted…. MARK 13, MATT 24, and LUKE 21
    Today, so many people can only handle the milk of the word because they are not properly taught truth about the deeper truths of Gods word….We have these preachers state 1 or 2 verses to a congregation then spit out his own vain personality for the next hour, rather than teaching the word in chapter by chapter and verse by verse subject, context, article, and object nature…Find a legit shepherd to help you interpret the word until you can do it for yourself (recommend Arnold Murray from the shepherds chapel or Jim Brown from Grace and truth ministries) I’m not saying their teachings are perfect, but they know and teach the word in a way that brings it to life, but dont praise this man or think they know it all, check the word out for yourselves and discern it and the times in which we live. The famine in the last day is for hearing and understanding the TRUE word of GOD, its not for actual food as it states in AMOS, and in Hosea it says my people are destroyed for a lack of true knowledge and understanding of the word of God. We are so content being ignorant in a willful manner to Gods word or we’ve been caught in the net of deception, or drowned in floods of lies. Look it up, test your teachers, and study to show yourselves approved in the word of God with understanding. Seek God the father, be open to correction, and embrace the change that God the Father through Jesus Christ has for you life.

    At the 7th trump which is after the 6th, then we will be instantly, in the blink of eye be changed into spiritual bodies here on Earth….

    UNDERSTAND and study to show yourselves approved by learning and embracing the Word of God and Jesus Christ crucified- absorb the when, where, why, who through out the word.

    Know the anti christ comes before the REAL christ.

    Understand the Greek and Hebrew along with the English translation.

    God loved Jacob, Esau He HATED….

    Research the 1832 any moment or fly away doctrine

    Be open to learn about any religions, political matters, and world current events to a point so you are aware of the times.

    God Bless

  7. We do not have the remnant messages in any of our large churches in Houston, Tx. We do want to hear the truth- of the bible. Thank you for speaking out and calling out the churches in apostasy.

  8. Leva I Sanningen
    This I know and why I believe Jesus Christ is Lord. There was a time in my life, many years ago, when I was a heavy user drug addict (meth, pot) an alcoholic, very sexually immoral, hateful, haughty and just down right wicked (I had grown to be that way for may years). Even though I had been raised in a christian church as a child, I certainly didn't go to church as a young adult nor seek God. When I finally hit rock bottom and drowning in the pit of destruction and total helpless and hopeless (weighed 85 lbs and looked like the walking dead) I started to pray to God, to tell Him I was so sorry that I had messed my life up so much and wished He could help me. A short time there after, I was invited to a christian church, I went, there was no preaching that nite, it was a pot luck dinner. Three women I did not know came over and started talking to me, they started telling me their testimonies of how God had moved powerfully in their lives. They said can we pray with you, I said yes, they were praying in the spirit and in english back in forth, calling upon the name of Jesus. I experienced a super natural deliverance . I felt a tickling at the top of my head, then a swooshing feeling down thru my body and then back out, I collapsed (slain in the spirit). When I came to, the ladies were helping me up off the floor. I had never heard about praying in the spirit before, nor did I believe that miracles could happen (I thought that only happened in bible times). I was totally shocked, I was no longer having the itch of temporary withdraw, I no long desired drugs, alcohol or anything to do with the life I had lived. I was hungry for more of God and His word. I had been delivered October 26th 1988. They prayed in Jesus Name, He is THE CHRIST. May this Truth be revealed to you as well. In Love Always ♥ ps- at a totally different church I had visited a year later (they didn't know my story) When at the alter the pastor put his hand on my head and God spoke thru him to give me MY scripture: Psalm 40:1-3 "I waited patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear And will trust in the LORD.…"

  9. I am a life long member of the Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod & absolutely believe that the Bible IS THE WORD OF GOD , so I would like to take a moment to Thank you for posting your videos!!! Ok, now I have a question ….. When I think of the Roman Empire I cant help but also think of the Pope-Vatican as well ……wouldn’t you agree esp due to the recent world peace tour of the pope and liberal views towards “ world religion “ of the pope ? Love to hear your thoughts! Blessings!

  10. One thing I need to ask you all. Have you noticed how belife in Illuminati, Pizzagate and Flat Earth is leading many to the Bible and Jesus? Do you think Hillary is raping children on a pizza-joints floor? Do you think NASA can not make a space walk without bubbles floting up in space? Can you see the act? Why do they act satanists? Why the big play? Is it to turn more people to christianity?

  11. I can give some hope. My daughter is 20. She is a Christian. Her husband is 22. He is a Christian. She loves to hear me talk about Bible prophecy. I have made sure she gets it about Israel and just who the Arabs are according to the Bible. Jan, she came to the Bible prophecy conference in Abbotsford, Canada with me less than two weeks ago. Eric Barger was one of the speakers. Amir Tsarfati spoke twice, Dr. Andy Woods spoke, and Bill Koenig spoke. She absolutely loved it. Her favourites were Eric and Bill, but she said all of them were amazing. There was a pro-Israel thread running through the whole conference. Amir's first talk was on Israel in Bible prophecy: Past, Present, and Future. Wow, did Bill Koenig stand up with so much evidence on what happens when you mess with Israel! She loved his talk. Eric is a wonderful apologist and so good at making it clear how important it is to stand up for the Christian faith.

    There are still some millennials out there who understand the times. I am convinced that eschatology makes all the difference between the not-so-lukewarm Christians and those who are lukewarm of the Laodicean Church. I asked one of the elders in my church why they won't get into eschatology and his answer was it is too controversial. I asked a church with a YouTube channel why they taught replacement theology. He actually said, "because it is Biblical"! I read the Bible once, and I have no credentials, and I got it. I left him with some Bible passages, especially Romans 11, because it in the NT, and with a talk by Dr. Andy Woods refuting replacement theology. They obviously come out post-trib because the believe God ditched Israel and therefore do not understand Jacob's trouble. There are those who are on track in the younger generation. There are not many, but they exist. At the conference there were about 25 in a crowd of 1000 plus. They got a huge commendation from the speakers for being there.

  12. Great video! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of those dedicated Watchman and Watchwomen who are Affliated with Lamb and Lion Ministries! What a blessing! Keep up the good work and see you in the clouds,because our Blessed Hope is now coming quickly!

  13. Who were the two dodo birds to give this video a thumbs down. God bless Jan, David Reagan, JD Farag, Amir Tsarfati Pastor Jim Cymbala, Jimmy Swaggart, Jack Hibbs, Billy Crone and Mark Hitchcock to name a few. If you can, get a hold of David Wilkerson's messages, even though he is deceased, they are still on fire by the power of the Holy Spirit. There are a host of preachers out there, that have not compromised the word of God. We have to stay true to the doctrine of Jesus Christ. God bless you all.

  14. On a much smaller platform, I too, am a watchman on the wall. I had been attending a very small local bible college. For several years I’d noticed my spirit not sitting right with the atmosphere or the teaching. It reached a peak this semester with the ‘doom and gloom, watch out you don’t fall into sin’ rhetoric. Every time I sat in the class, my spirit would be under attack from depression. Knowing I needed to withdraw, Holy Spirit and I wrote to the dean, informing him of the truth of what I had been praying over for several years, and letting him know I wouldn’t return unless things changed.
    Wow! Did I get attacked! Just like Jan, I got called many unkind names, and told I was no longer welcome there or at their church I’d left 4 years earlier. These are supposed to be evangelical Christians. Not anymore.

  15. I live in the Twin Cities area, (MN.), I found Jan Markell & Eric Barger many years ago. Her show has timely information so needed these days! I appreciate her work so very much.


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