The Great Deceptiveness Behind the Kairos 2017 Ecumenical Occasion in Kansas City

The Kairos 2017 Ecumenical Occasion in Kansas City is depicted as a critical occasion in background where Catholic, Protestant, and also Orthodox Leaders reserved their distinctions to fix up 500 years of Mercy. It remains in truth absolutely nothing besides the continuous efforts to develop an antichrist global religious beliefs that rejects Jesus Christ as Lord and also Saviour and also the only means whereby we could be conserved.

It remains in truth made to respond to the Protestant Improvement began by Martin Luther, and also types component of the continuous assault on real Christianity by the Babylonian Roman Catholic Secret Religious beliefs called the Roman Catholic Church.

Below are some essential sources that function as recommendation product for this video clip:

The Ecumenical Activity and also a One Globe Religious Beliefs

The Ecumenical Movement and The One World Religion

Pope Francis Ask For Discussion In Between the Globes Faiths.

Pope Francis Calls for Dialogue Between the World’s Religions

The Stained Glass Drape Deceptiveness: Why Evangelicals that companion with the Roman Catholic Church remain in Disobedience versus God.

Is The Roman Catholic Church Christian?

The Tidal Wave of Magical Deceptiveness in the Church.

Be careful of those that wish to teach an additional scripture.

Pope Francis Strategy to Take Control Of the Globe (2018).


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  1. Babylon and her daughters includes the Catholic Universal Mystery Babylon and have invited in every world religion which are also all based on Baal worship and the Universal world religion also created Islam and also concocted Protestantism which may seem rather strange considering the Secret Jesuit Order Oath to Assassinate Prostestant Ministers. Freemason George Washington got loans from a Jewish Banker at the behest of Rothchild who funded both the Rothchilds and the Hessians and once the Colonies became States they were required to be Various Protestant denomination in order to hold office though from it's inception U.S. Corp was a business chartered by the Vatican and bother the North and the South sought the Vatican's favor during the Civil War. For a time the Vatican was stripped of it's power but now it claims to be sovereign dictator over the entire world. (A deadly wound healed?) The enemy uses all sorts of deception Art of War and Machiavelli and Hagellian Dialectic. The have thinktanks, teams of psychologists and sociologists and wizards, witches, astrologers, sorcerers, and they use Big Pharma and the Media and Movies to keep people spellbound and bewitched. Only Yah our Elohim can make war with the Beast all His saints can do is be obedient to His Holy Spirit, pray without ceasing, study the scriptures, praise the Lord always, and endure to to the end and keep clean, tear down strongholds, for the Glory of our Creator and Savior Y'shua. Who will come soon on a cloud in power and glory with tens of thousands of his saints. Don't be fooled by a poster though he may call down fire from heaven.

  2. Its so sad how little of the word many so-called Christians really know, they sit there and sell their souls to the doctrines of the wolves in sheep clothing that they sit under, their sermons sicken my spirit, how blind can people allow themselves to be.

  3. Dear Friend
    I am a word of faith pastor and with that said I will admit that there has been a grieving in my spirit for several years now over the constant teaching about debt free living and money money money !!!! I truly believe we are in the last days and it is now total folly to continue to look for comfort in this world when souls are going to hell and we are out of
    time as we know it. I truly do have a serious concern over this inbracing of the Catholic church and feel that they do in fact need to repent of false doctrine.
    I would also like to add I think you delivered this in a very kind and gentle spirit.
    GOD bless you brother

  4. I've never heard that it was always personal choice and if it is not in some countries they need to give out just like Islam wrong don't think so I am I am a Christian Roman Catholic the pope is the false prophet it's coming to pass

  5. What gets me mad, as and Ex-Catholic, is this can shut off the gospel to the Catholics who need it. That's 1.3 billion people going to follow a religion of works. Now we just need to expose the false doctrine of the pre-trib rapture. Hardly anyone wants to touch that one. People need to start to get their hearts ready for persecution because Jesus promised it and we will go through it.

  6. Dear brother in Christ ,Thank you for this video it's eye opener for spiritually Blind people

  7. There are 50,000 Christian sects now and counting, with YouTube making millions more "sects", the ONE CHRIST said this would be so(Matt 24) and we are suppose to believe this video? Incline out from all dissensions, rewards will be lost through the crowds who come in JESUS name, but say INSTEAD of what HE talked.

    Greatest culprit of deception that comes in Jesus name and is right now deceiving the masses?(Matt 24, 2 Cor 11/another Jesus, Gal 1.6-9)


    Does God still save and remain faithful though the masses go into un-faithing via Jewish Myths and endless genealogies like the Book of Revelation, "even myself" as Paul with mercy adds his own name in 2 Timothy?

    Yes all are saved!

    Few will reign!


  8. Hey brother, are you aware of the links between some of the South African churches such as CFC and CRC to Kenneth Copeland and the NAR and the NAR is largely responsible for this filthy unification… I will check on your website. Thank you for the good video.

  9. It's interesting that all of this is happening under a pope prophesied long ago to be the last pope ( I'm not sure how real the prophesy might be) who also happens to be of the Jesuit order, which is a militaristic sect that has orchestrated modern world domination. We are truly in the last days. Unfortunately many will be deceived.

  10. Gen 3:15
    And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; [it]-(3pers masc sing) shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise [his]-(2pers masc sing) heel.

    Gen 3:15
    I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: [she] shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for [her] heel.
    Douay-Rheims (Catholic Bible)

  11. This truly is an abomination! No matter what the Pope says: THE PROTEST IS NOT OVER. This war between Christ and Satan will go on till the end. This ecumenical system will be destroyed. It is a blessing to know that this power won't last very long! I pray that all the saints of God will endure to the end!


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