Our Church vs. The New Evangelical Motion

KVJ Baptist Preaching
Passage from“Run With Patience”

A Lot More Preaching By Priest Steven L. Anderson.
The Holy Bible Means To Paradise.

As Soon As Conserved Always Saved.

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  1. Music ministries are an interesting conundrum. I think churches would be better served to have pretty staid, traditional music in services, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your passion into God's service by having other events with music that makes use of all the technology and skill God's people can muster to celebrate God.

    Not sure the times are such that we will ever see this again, but once upon a time all of the best music and architecture was at least superficially Christian in western civilization. Now, even Christians don't put that kind of passion into their art.

  2. I attended a seeker model church for approximately 2 years.  I personally found it to be a mile wide and an inch deep from a theological standpoint.  Heavy on music and small groups in peoples homes.  The message was watered down and vanilla.  Never heard the actual word "hell" mentioned a single time.  They would state that if you rejected Christ, you would not have a relationship with him.  No mention that the consequence of rejecting Christ is spending eternity in hell.  It was clear they were trying to not say or do anything that would be found offensive to the "seekers."  The church was marketed toward those in their 20's.  We left and returned to a solid independent fundamental Baptist church.  What these churches seem to forget is that Christ offended a lot of people during his time on earth.  He did not sugar coat his message and try to not offend others in the hope that they would follow him and like him.  He told them the way it was via unvarnished truth.  They might not have liked it, but it is what they needed to hear and know.  It is a sign that we are near the end times when "churches" are more interested in marketing themselves to see how high they can get the attendance count instead of preaching the pure gospel and reaching others for Christ.

  3. You're doing it right Pastor Anderson. I'm still an Agnostic at this stage of my life, but I enjoy watching your services because I can tell they are *authentic*. The pandering of the trendy churches/denominations has been crippling Christianity as a whole for decades now. A Church that is afraid to stand up for what they pretend to believe in will always be hollow and weak. Their followers will abandon them just as they have abandoned their principles. You and others like you with integrity, will outlast them all. Ignore the haters/compromisers and keep up the great work!

  4. No no I worked in a seeker model church … I can see why you would say these things because on the surface that's what you see that's not where the that's not the church that that's just Sunday service that's not the Church of the Seeker model Church that's not when Church takes place for a new Evangelical Church the church takes place Monday through Friday in circles not in rows on Sunday


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