Bernie Sanders Ruins Religious Chauvinist Throughout Verification Hearing

Throughout a current verification hearing Legislator Bernie Sanders took a Trump candidate to job for bigoted remarks regarding Muslims. Ana Kasparian and also Poise Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tore right into among Head of state Donald Trump’s candidates on Wednesday for stating that Islam is “a deficient theology” which Muslims “stand condemned” for turning down Jesus Christ.

Sanders pursued Russell Vought, Trump’s option for replacement supervisor of the White Residence Workplace of Administration and also Budget plan, as he indicated in his Us senate Budget plan Board election hearing. The Vermont legislator raised a January 2016 blog post that Vought composed on a conventional blog site where he says that somebody can not truly “know God” without concentrating on Jesus.

“Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology,” Vought composed at the time.“They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned.”

Such a declaration is “indefensible, it is hateful and Islamophobic, and an insult to over a billion Muslims throughout the world,” Sanders informed the space. He asked Vought, that rested encountering him, if he believes his previous remarks are Islamophobic.” *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Poise Baldridge.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Poise Baldridge.


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  1. How can you get mad at him for never answering the question if Bernie never let him answer. Every time he started answering Bernie interrupted then jumped to his own conclusion. Bernie is the one discriminating and shouldn't be in office.

  2. I usually never disagree with Bernie, but he's wrong here. The man is a Christian and he thinks Jews and Mulsims are condemned to hell. That's his fairytale belief. Who cares. Muslims think HE'S condemned. Sanders needs to stick to economics.

  3. The problem in your country is you're allowing people like that to go into public offices. The fundamentalists CANNOT separate their delusional thinking from the State. None should be allowed in public offices no matter what. They are sick dogs just like is ISIL.

  4. I don't find myself often speaking on this boards but this time I wanted to because I think this nominee screwed up in his answer… if it was me and this question was posed to me my response would have been, "I believe 100% in the separation of Church and State as laid out in the first amendment of the Constitution, as such my personal religious belief hold no sway over my ability to follow the laws of the country and abide by the Constitution which advocates that all people are to be treated equal… without qualification." The idea that someone elected or appointed does not have some "belief" in something with all of the tenants that go with that belief I find kind of odd. What I would be more concerned with, is that person able to set aside their own personal beliefs and follow and abide by the law/constitution/bill of rights even if they find it contradicts their personal beliefs. Can they act as a representative of the people of the United States and not just of the people of their own faith? If they can do that, then really I don't care if they worship a purple track suit wearing toad.

  5. There "is a disconnect" between this bitch host and what the guy actually said. Bernie never let him finish…interrupted every single answer….then said they were running out of time. Come on Young Turks—-play fair! I'm on your side (of most of the issues)….but you come off as vicious and unbalance in this. Oh….i guess you don't claim balance. Well….you get it.

  6. This one actually does not work well for Bernie I don't think. it's hard for "young turks" to give a fair hearing to views based on faith. Granted. But it's not shocking that Christians base their faith on Jesus Christ. It's also no big….revelation..that Jews & Muslims do not receive Christ as to Evangelicals (or Catholics). The Senator's gotcha questions seemed cynical and like a kind of entrapment. Compare how Christians fare in Muslim countries with how well Muslims fare in Christian countries.

  7. What did Berinie's question about this man's personal religious beliefs have to do with his potential to execute the business of the OMB? Did he ever explain that?  Doesn't seem so.  Seems that bigoted Bernie only made assumed accusations based on this guy's religious beliefs.  What a disgrace that any State would elect this senile old bigot to the Senate or would support him for President. Disgrace.

  8. I am so sick of hearing "Islamophobia". Islam is an Anti-Semitic, Anti-Athiest, and Anti-Christian but not in a peaceful way they want them beheaded as we have seen in many groups and it is a death cult. I do not hate anybody who practices it but they are brainwashed and I feel bad for them because if they leave they deserve an award of life and yes they may die if they leave but at least they do a free person. I do not endorse one religion. I think Islam is a threat to our secular values. What if I said back in WW2 Germany is a peaceful country when it wasn't at the time. I do not hate Muslims though I have many Muslim friends.

  9. America was founded on Christianity . . in the Middle East Christianity is strongly rejected and Christian people are killed by the ruling powers themselves . . . what is your premise to give them (Muslims) the privilege to come into the USA and pretend to CHANGE THE CULTURE, CHANGE THE MAJORITY RELIGION? so no, fvk Bernie on this one.

  10. You know you're a poor Christian when you're using your faith to shit on and oppress others. You know you're doing it right when your faith motivates you to help and support others regardless of their religion.

    I think Vought should reevaluate his beliefs. Why have faith if it only makes you hateful and fearful?