Most Current Survey Reveals Evangelicals Still Assistance Roy Moore despite Allegations versus Him

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  1. CONSIDER THIS ELECTION VERY SERIOUSLY EVANGELICALS… More information has come out recently against Mr. Moore that leans toward making us believe he may well have been a child predator. Gadston Mall in Gadston Alabama, where Moore lived (and was Assistant D.A. at the time) has come out saying they have records of banning him from the mall because of the number of complaints from parents saying he was stalking their "very" young daughters! Is this the actions of a righteous man?

    Then, a Gadston police officer said he was aware of another establishment that he was barred from entering for the same reason! And now, a video clip was found of Moore being interviewed. When asked about his current wife, he said he first noticed her when she was a young teen at a school dance program. Doesn't he realize that this is creepy?!

    Please look into this very carefully and make your own mind up. We should all seek the truth, whether we agree with it or not. Thank you for listening.

  2. This is PROOF that evangelicals don't care about children inter least. They knowingly elect a child molestor. The entire state should lose the right to vote if this FUCKING CRIMINAL gets elected. I advocate the complete eradication of Christianity from humanity. Burn every last fucking church to the ground and throw all the Bible in a trash heap.

  3. This Child Porn BS, could be solved very easily, if only they would FOCUS on the PERVERTED POS'S whom MAKE these PHOTO'S AVAILABLE to those SICK SOB'S, interested in CHILD PORN!


    It's so much like the War on Drugs, whereby, they are only arresting, the DUMB ASSES, ADDICTED ON THEIR DRUGS, whereby, the filthy rich POS'S keeps getting away with PROVIDING THE DRUGS to FUCK UP WEAK AMERICAN'S!!!

    Until these F'er's are ARRESTED, this BS will continue FOREVER! and it TICKS ME OFF that everyday Americans FALL INTO THEIR TRAP! HOW FUCKING STUPID IS THAT???


  4. Sorry Ben, supporting Moore is right along with christian values. The Bible's punishment for Moore's behavior is to pay fifty sheckles and marry the girl and only if it was nonconsenting. The whole idea that you can take out this senate candidate by being against the banging of teenage girls in Alabama is ridiculous. Don't you understand how stupid that sounds? There is plenty of insane policy and stupidity to attack Moore on. You have to fight on policy, sex scandals are not going to have any effect. The right wing that will elect Moore doesn't care about this shit at all.

  5. agree 100%, Im a white evangelical who has been a christian for 40 years & Im ashamed with 80% of white evangelicals who voted for trump and who either ignore the moore molestation charges or outright support him. Im a liberal bible believing christian who rejects the right wing evangelical churches who believe God is a conservative republican. whats the error? they have 2 false beliefs. 1) they honestly believe that liberal=satan conservative=God AND 2) they judge everything based upon 2 issues …abortion & gay marriage, if you say you are against abortion & gay marriage you are good to go and a great christian reguardless of whether you are on your 4th marriage, hate poor people, make money your God, or whether you are a child molester or thief.. I refer to them as "counterfiet christianity" becouse they profess to follow Jesus but deny 95% of everything he taught.. this counterfiet christianity goes back 200 years when most of the white churches supported slavery, the KKK, every war, and opposed the civil rights act and intergration.. todays religious right is a continuation of this counterfiet christianity. reject counterfiet christianity and embrace REAL christianity.

  6. Ben, and they have the NERVE to wonder why, Child Porn is so POPULAR!!!! It is very obvious, that there are a group of men, they get off on younger girls, boys and CHILDREN! How & Why, JUST BOGGLES MY MIND! There truly is MUCH INCEST going on in many families, whereby their daughters have their FATHERS babies! I'm positive you will find this perverted behavior in the SOUTH!

    Which leads me to another conversation …. HOMOSEXUALS and/or GAYS! Yes, some are born this way, but I also believe, some become this way because they were abused by their parent's! And why I've always said, if you're going to blame and hate on Gays, you might as well blame & hate on the parent's that bought them into this world, because in some cases, they were not born this way!

  7. I audibly laughed at the makes me want to be an atheist line(as an atheist I love his show) he follows the train of logic for almost anything except for religion deep critical thinking on everything but religion good job all around