Crackpot Priest Claims Trump Has God’s Authority to Secure Kim Jong-Un

— Christian megachurch priest Robert Jeffress, among Donald Trump’s evangelical advisors, states that”God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-Un”

— On the Reward Program: North Korea launches Canadian priest, physicians obtained $45 million from medication business to market narcotics, Trump’s childhood years house on Airbnb, David and also Rub taste-test Soylent, and also a lot more …

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  1. This country deserves to be wiped out. The majority of Americans are too fucking stupid to realize they're stupid as hell, and even more gullible. Religion, Statism, and Nationalism are drilled into the heads of our children as soon as they're able to walk on their own. Americans are among the dumbest people on the planet but have the highest confidence level due to being totally brainwashed. America is the only country that says America is the greatest country in the world. The rest of the planet wants America to go the way of the dinosaurs. Jesus freaks and religitards are the epitome of America's stupidity and ignorance.

  2. ON THE SCRIPTURAL BASIS for the damnation (or at least a devil of a hurt) of 99.999999% of selfie-confessed "christians" (you're gonna need a bigger transport ship over the Styx)

    Jeffress and the entire boatload o'blasphemers bound for the multitude of black holes now crowding into the Milky Way aka "outer darkness where there's weeping and gnashing of teeth" are the #1 most dangerous religio-frauds on Earth (w/the LDS/Mor(m)ons @#1a led by their demonic inspiration, the "angel Moron-i" [not kidding]): The Fundamentally-mental/Evil-Angel-o'culls/Boob-tist Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization or F-RICO Enterprise.

    OK, that's the last bon mot the F-RICO gets from this side. 

    With bastard-sons-of-the-father-of-lies, Jeffress and the pack of pulpit-wolves pied-piping their fully-sheared sheep-dippie-dunces into the inescapable deluge of heaven-sent "strong delusion" w/o a whiff of repentance, the destiny of wholly-unholy blackhole-hell for these eager hordes, haters of Truth, is virtually certain.

    The vicious vengeance of the supreme vice-LORD (ska Baal as in the KJV Old Testament, the translation perp'ed by the Rosicrucian worshippers of the devil, or "slanderer" per their egregiously perverse KJV) as to the Luciferian-Rosicrucian Romans 13:1-7, is vomited up by the blood-drinking pulpit-wolves, viz.:
    — more —

  3. god has nothing to do with anything that happens on earth. lets assume he created us and the universe. Fine, but ones he created everything it is out of his hands with what ever happens after. If he has the power to save you than he has the power to save all the children that died in war and he didn't. You cannot hold god accountable for all the deaths or life's saved in this planet. He did his job, he created everything, what more do you want. Now what I think is very simple…THERE IS NO GOD!

  4. We all have one collective hope the earth and yet uncounted people remain hopeless Famin and calamity abound people kill and get killed in the name of someone else's concept of god dare we admit that our thoughts and behaviors would spring from a belief that the world revolves around us each fabricated conflict self murdering bomb vanished airplane every fictionalized dictator biased partisan and wayword son

    Avenged sevenfold exist ft Neil degrasse tyson for full lyrics and song search up avenged sevenfold exist it is 15 minutes long and this not the full lyrics of Neil's part

  5. 【 u.s.Tyson foods, inc.】 to sell sick dead chickens to Taiwan people cheating money, trump regardless of only bully small country, shameless Americans.

  6. Well !..Christians?.. don't fallow satanic cult and it not so far fetched !!.. if the imminent threat is engaged and stamped out,. For the sake of , all out! world war?… If God allows the President to take out little kimmy… for the better of humankind!.. Yes!
    It's more then believable!..

  7. Christianity started out as a Jewish apocalypse cult. Some self-proclaimed prophet has predicted the "end of the world" every single year since the crucifixion. Of course, every one of them claims he has a direct line to "God".

  8. Trump has created an enemy (the media) precisely in order to draw together his supporters, to bring them closer together (this is psychology, folks). Now Trump has appealed to the naive trust of his supporters by involving faith and religion. This is done by conmen and by CULT LEADERS. It is done purely to get his supporters to blindly follow his lead. WATCH OUT. This is how Trump will expect to be treated as if he has full authority and trust of the masses. He is following the 'playbook' that conmen follow. Being the president isn't enough for Trump, now he's preparing to seek his follower's blind faith in him.