White Evangelicals Love Donald Trump, Yet Why? – The Ring Of Fire

A brand-new survey by Seat Study reveals that white evangelicals extremely authorize of the task that Donald Trump has actually done as head of state. If this individuals are as spiritual as they declare to be, why on planet would certainly they sustain such a bad personality? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins reviews this

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  1. #WorstPotusEver
    • The President is a Republican.
    • The House is controlled by Republicans.
    • The Senate is controlled by Republicans.
    • The party in control determines what bills come to the floor for a vote.
    • The Children's Health Insurance Program expired in September 2017.
    • The Republican House and Senate never brought a bill to the floor to vote on extending it. Not once.
    • President Trump, via executive order, revoked DACA protections several months ago. He gave Congress a deadline to fix the problem that he created completely on his own.
    • Congress failed to come up with a solution to the President's unprovoked actions.
    • Congress, which is run by Republicans, failed to address DACA, failed to address CHIP, and failed to address the budget, leaving essential government personnel, including the military, forced to function under months of a CR – continuing resolutions.
    • The President, who is a Republican, failed to outline ANY type of position on… well, anything… besides tax cuts for rich folks and corporations.
    • Today is the one year anniversary of Donald J. Trump being inaugurated. It is also the first time in American history that the government has shut down when one party has controlled all branches of government simultaneously.

  2. White evangelicals believe trump is bring the end of the world. There's nothing they want more than the second coming of Jesus. The reason trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is to pander to the white evangelicals. One more step towards creating the biblical prerequisite for the second coming. The obvious unchristian behavior of trump is accepted by the white evangelicals because they believe the end justifies the means. So what if trump says out loud that he never asks for forgiveness from God as long as he reverses Roe vs Wade. So what if trump committed adultery several times as long as he is willing to violate the first amendment and blur the lines of separation between church and state as clearly outlined. So what if trump attacks the free press again in direct violation of the first amendment. So what if trump lies all the time as long as he makes other religions like Islam illegal in the USA. I've come to believe that white evangelicals have a desire to create the Christian version of sharia law here in the USA. The end justifies the means.

  3. Trump Supporters:

    • Many close to Trump (Mitt Romney, Tony Schwartz, etc.)
    warned you that he is a serial liar.

    • He has boasted repeatedly of abusing power.

    • He has betrayed those closest to him, including all his wives.

    • He was sued successfully by students of Trump "University”.
    for fraud.

    • He was sued by contractors he refused to pay.

    • He was sued by the lawyers who defended him ultimately
    when he stiffed them as well.

    • Trump claimed he was “the least racist person” but he and his
    father were sued successfully for violated the Fair Housing
    Act by turning away potential African-American tenants.

    • Trump claimed he never declared bankruptcy but has in fact
    declared bankruptcy at lest 6 times.

    • Since taking office, Trump has been caught lying publicly
    over 1800 times.

    • According to fact checkers, during his campaign Trump lied at
    a rate that is three times the average politician (76%).

    • He has broken some of his biggest campaign promises already,
    including reducing health care costs, ridding himself of
    conflicts of interest, revealing tax returns, hiring the best
    people, etc.

    • Trump told you main stream media lies about him, and that
    you should only pay attention to the news sources that
    sing his praises, and you comply.

    Question: How did this nation’s education system fail you so miserably?


  4. It's for the same reason that Zionist Christians support Israel no matter what horrible things happen. They don't care about juice just like they don't care about Donald Trump. They see Israel and they see Trump both as necessary evils that will help bring about Armageddon the end of the world as fast as possible and according to scripture. Trump is the idiot King and the Third Temple needs to get built in Jerusalem for JC to show up again and maybe get it right this time

  5. Trump is a serial sexual predator, a liar, a cheat in business, a cheat on his wives, a draft dodger, he steals from his investors, employees and contractors. All the things religious people should hate, being Christian, right? Go figure…

  6. 'Black Santa Clause holy shit'! I know, it's like they can't even begin to entertain that thought… The same with the Jesus thing: 'Holy crap he has to look like us, and looking like anyone else is unacceptable and FAKE!' God, what a high horse…. No one likes to have things forced on them, I just wish they'd stop forcing stuff on the world.

  7. Because white evangelicals are not very bright, are very bigoted, and are huge fucking hypocrites.  When you base your world view on ancient superstitions instead of reality, science, reason and logic, of course you're going to fall for a blatant con man.

  8. I an not surprised at this statistic. Evangelicals as a group are uneducated, ignorant sheep that are led by snake oil salesmen to believe in the absurd and pay out some of their few dollars to support these bull shit religious cons. They don't think for themselves, they are told what to think. The demographic is composed of the most intellectually challenged fools that exist in this country so what's the big revelation here. These dumb ass goobers are waiting around for armageddon, they don't give a shit.

  9. The Bible might have "very specific things to say about why that's wrong", but that doesn't mean evangelicals agree – it's not exactly a secret that their views on women and things like consent, etc, are far from what one might call "progressive" (personally i just call it moral ).

    So while supporting Donald trump might seem like a contradictory position for these so-called Christians to take (and perhaps it is, in theory ), in practice it actually makes perfect sense. These people never truly believed in women's rights and have victim-blamed and made excuses for pervy old white dudes for decades. Why stop now?

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  11. Farron, read the oldest book in the bible: Deuteronomy. Watch The Bible Unearthed documentary based on the work of Tel Aviv archaeologist Israel Finkelstein. What we are seeing in white evangelicals is this. They are literally brainwashed into believing a tribal war god — Yahweh — is GOD. In other words, they've been brainwashed to submit to psychopaths which is what Yahweh would be if he actually existed. Deuteronomy has this psychopathic god commanding his "chosen people" to kill their neighbors and to show no mercy. As a reward they get their neighbors' property, harvests, cisterns, homes —– and the only humans allowed to escape genocide —– young virgins. Finkelstein uses science to reveal that this god was created to fulfill the political agenda of King Josiah in the 7th century BCE who wanted to extend his influence from the Nile to the Euphrates. To justify genocide the neighbors were demonized because they were not worshippers of Judah's Yahweh/god and were not following his laws. Racism and bigotry is the core of Deuteronomy. Finkelstein explains that all the O T biblical laws were based on "if they do it; we don't." In other words, the creators of this monster god were setting up a cult that would demonize everyone outside the cult and make them worthy of death. And isolate everyone forced into it and they would be programmed to obey —- as good and faitful warriors —- unto death. Cal State historian, Robert Eisenman, in his book James the Brother of Jesus, documents that the first Christians were actually violent warriors, in part, because they were in cults that brainwashed them into believing this stuff and then revolting against Rome. Thousands lost their lives because it was all based on lies. I was born into evangelicalism and the KKK; it took 20 years of intense therapy and then deep research to break all the brainwashing and recover from the traumas. It makes people mentally ill. America has a HUGE problem. Evangelicalism uses fear to control their victims because when the fear center in the brain is activated it becomes biologically impossible to think. Literally, the chemistry prevents blood from flowing into the pre-frontal cortex —- the part of the brain that enables everyone to think. These people are not "willfully ignorant" as some have claimed. They are victims of mind control that are going to destroy America if we do not find a way to break the spell they are under and damn fast. Diana Lee, MA

  12. No, there is another reason.
    I saw a clip from the Jim Bakker show where a woman said that Donald Trump was chosen by God to lead us. [ I think Jimmy Dore showed it] Yes, she said, he is flawed. God sometimes uses flawed people to achieve his ends. Donald Trump is flawed but he is chosen by God. What this means is that we should not be critical or think about who or what Donald Trump represents. This attitude makes sense to me because it means that we should blindly follow what the preacher says and not think. Christian preachers want their followers to follow the conservative agenda and not be critical thinkers. During the campaign, Mr. Trump made promises to the Evagelical leaders. He got their support and in return his administration will push the Evagelical political conservative message.

  13. White Evangelicals are nothing but demons, and Trump is Satan, all we have to do now is wait on North Korea to send that nuke this way, and they will have their End Times , as screwed up as this Country has become, a well placed nuke sounds like pretty good.

  14. Lewis Black the comedian said that anyone, especially evangelicals that voted for him, are going to Hell.
    Now he said it, tongue in cheek for comedy affect, but I believe HE believes that!
    Ha! He said God told him!

  15. The reason Donald is still president, is because he is able to make tomorrow worse than today. Everyone knows a guy like Donald. They will not let you have time to address what horrible thing they have done, because they are doing something worse, now. It goes on, and on, and……