Marital Relationship Statement After Separation|From The Dirt

Chris as well as Stephanie are the couple duo, From the Dirt, that started as well as proceed their lives simply beyond Nashville, TN. Their tale of broken heart, failure, as well as incredible redemption is woven deep right into the material of their songs.

Chris as well as Stephanie Teague share their testament as well as inform just how God functioned to obtain them to a location where they would certainly think about settlement as well as remarriage.

There is Hope!!!


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  1. I'm inspired by your testimony. I was the offender in my marriage. Years of lying to my beautiful wife about my problems with sexual addiction/porn. Years of deception. I betrayed her so much and she lost ALL trust in me. I was such a fool and last month was the final straw. She filed for divorce. I don't blame her, but I am heartbroken. I wish I had NEVER laid eyes on a naked woman's body until my wedding day. Unfortunately that was not my story. I experienced a lot of physical things with girls back in my high school days. Then years into my marriage I began searching the web for porn because I felt she wasn't being as expressive in bed as she used to be. Rather than feeding her heart emotionally I turned from her to artificial intimacy and I regret ever doing that. It escalated. I never had an actual affair, but I had a serious lust problem. Last month November 16 she filed for divorce. We have two beautiful daughters we adopted from China and they are affected by all this as well. I hate what I've done to us. She is telling me there isNO CHANCE for reconciliation now. It's only been one month so I wouldn't expect her to think anything other than that. I hope one day God will heal me from this sin through some serious work on my part and she will see an evident change in my life. I want that so I can be made free from this addiction…but if my story ended up like yours, well…other than my salvation there could be no greater gift. I'm probably just getting my hopes up. You two are an inspiration though. God can work miracles.

  2. Be encouraged! I'm still standing 3 and a half years. I gave up a few times but in my heart I had to keep standing and believing. Swim in the love of God. Let Him bring you back to fullness and wholeness. He will restore you. Let the Father's Love heal you. The blessings He had for us are far greater than what we can imagine. Be blessed BTG family

  3. Well I'm in a different situation I moved from my home state for her and to change my life totally to God and rededicated my life to him I've remarried and shortly she moved out and commented Adultery I've forgave her praying for her deliverance waiting on 4year's I've filed for divorce but wen I was praying I fail asleep then right before I woke up I heard (Wait) so I've been waiting on God trusting depending on God's word I don't want to brake our covenant together me and God bless you.

  4. Wow . This is so touching. God is faithful. I am from nigeria too!&going through the same thing & God is showing himself thru my husband now too in a way i never saw christ through him, even while we were dating . When it looks hopeless , thats the best time for Gods glory.. I just prayGod could brings us back together fully married again& involve our friends & family to love each other again as he did for this couple. This gave me hope again thank you btg ❤️