Joel Osteen is a False Instructor|Joel Osteen is an Apostate

This video clip is an action video clip to numerous meetings that Joel Osteen has actually done. One with Larry King, as well as the various other with Opera Winfrey. In this video clip I discuss comprehensive as well as provide outright scriptural evidence that Joel Osteen is an incorrect teacher/false prophet. That he shows a scripture aside from the scripture of Jesus Christ, which he is an inspirational audio speaker, not a priest.

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  1. Thanks for exposing the truth about this man. He is not a preacher. The Word tells us that in the last days false prophets would come among us. The Word teaches us that there will be tough times in our lifes to bring us closer to God. Joel acts like everything will be great in our lifes. Joel has lots of company with him teaching a false religion. We must call these folks out so that others do not fall into the trap.

  2. Well stated. Joel is a good motivational speaker. But I heard him say that he does not want to make people feel worse than they already do. He wants to stay positive so he lets other preachers do that. I pray that my sisters and brothers in Christ will wise up and read the word and turn away from the preachers that only tickle the ears. Pastors need to preach what is in the Bible without the sugar coding.

  3. I agree whole heartedly and it thwse people wjo disagreed with you were "true" Christians, they wouldn't disagree with you. We are not saved because of good works but we do good works because we are saved. The bible says we are to judge believers in their walk or lack of it. We can also tell a believer by their fruits… Just bexause a person says that they arw a believer doesnt mean they are. If they fail to follow scripture, change words and context and do not follow the true gospel are NOT christians..Good work..

  4. I pray that God delivers Joel Osteen! That someone Helps him to realize what he is doing wrong. I really get sad for people like this because you know they preach a false gospel and are hellbound. But yes even if he is just a motivational speaker, because i know i used to love him when i was depressed and demoralized, I guess it was because thats the only message he preaches

  5. I left Christianity after being a Christian apologist and music minister for many years. I already subscribed from watching one of your videos earlier this evening for the first time. It was great. I know Joel Osteen doesnt teach the gospel. Good video.

  6. I'm not trying to smack anyone here but how would you respond to the bible quote which says roughly "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than the rich to enter the kingdom of God." I am curious how this plays towards rich believers

  7. I can't say who's a preacher and who isn't but telling people that they will burn for eternity doesn't make me like Christians, like what about my autistic son he's none verbal and has no concept of a god if he somehow died tomorrow would he burn forever in your hell religion is stupid