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  1. This is stupid logic from this muslim teacher… The atheist clearly not worry about getting into hellfire since he does not believe it.. He is clearly worry about how Islam judging on other people and intolerance..
    It is the evil intention and discrimination toward others that he worried about…

    Well muslim believe that this present world is not the most important world.. the after life world is the real one and important… So muslim live their life for the afterlife world…

    with same logic I could say..
    Why muslim worried and hate American who is capitalist???
    Capitalist believe on exploiting other people and resources to enrich oneself…
    You guys dont believe on it..
    yet you guys keep saying that American is bad!

    U judge the atheist is so uneducated.. talking about education and intelectual.. Muslim world is actualy one the least in education level compare to others group…
    Its fact…
    Go find how many contribution in nobel prize that Islam world have..
    1.6 billion people and yet the least constribution

  2. I am a Hindu and nobody in my circle cares whether you are an atheist or a non- Hindu. And I do not believe in God/ghost and other things. In my area we have a philosophy: hazer nazer zinda ram ie whatever is present before your eyes is God. The imam generalized his belief.

  3. *Peace n blessing of Allah upon u All )hindus😡 r very bad peoples😡😈 they beat muslims😔 verybad they worship cow or idols i hate them how can a cow is lord?
    nauzubillah astagfirullah if anymuslim eat cow meet they beat him very bad😔 i'm an india but i was born in arab n i n my siblings we never visit india in india for a muslim is very difficult to live😔

    May Allah guide them n us n protect them n us from fitnah n May Allah make easy for them

    Jazak Allah khair

    1Q sense islam which country is this channal from???*


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