Deepak Chopra vs Christian Apologist (Chopra loses)


The most prominent teacher of mysticism and New Age philosophy in the West Deepak Chopra goes toe to toe with Christian apologist Greg Koukl on Lee Strobel’s show “Faith under Fire”. This episode called “The Future of Faith” aired in 2005.

Chopra, who has written two books on the topic of Jesus, seems to be at loss for words as the well-researched Koukl keeps correcting him on his false view of Jesus and the historicity of the Gospels. Chopra’s Eastern/secular interpretation of Jesus does not seem to hold water when confronted with someone who defends the faith for a living.

These two segments were the only ones I could find that were decent quality. Full debate can be found here (poor quality):

Lee Strobel:

Greg Koukl:




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