Christianity VERSUS Islam

In this video clip, Priest Mike discusses a really questionable subject”Christianity Vs. Islam” Many thanks a lot for viewing as well as subscribe for even more once a week video clips. God Bless!

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Priest Michael Desroches is the owner as well as Elderly Priest of Spirit Life Praise Church. He has a solid worry to urge as well as reinforce both followers as well as non-believers right into a connection with Jesus Christ via the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. He is a talented Psalmist as well as instructor of words of God.

Priest Mike has actually taken a trip the world ministering to the ill as well as the shed in recovery as well as wonder campaigns around the world.

He has actually stayed with his better half as well as their 3 kids in Hand Coastline Florida given that 1987 teaching the Scripture of Jesus Christ.

Our team believe in one Triune God, forever existing in 3 individuals; the Daddy, the Kid, as well as the Holy Spirit.

Our team believe the Holy Scriptures to be the Influenced Word of God as well as the last authority for confidence in life.

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  1. Jesus was born a Jew worshiped One God in synogoges. He called his God Allaha (never called Him Jehovah). When you read his words he called himself Messiah and prophet but NEVER called himself God.
    Why do these brothers say things which are not in the gospels and mislead the masses. No wonder they are in decline and Islam is on the rise in all countries.

  2. Here is my Prediction:-
    Kabah is the Temple of Adam or of Shiv. Temple of Jesus called Yahshua; Yah = Yahweh and Shua = Shiva = Primal Adam. There were well over 365 Ilah placed there that were created by the tribal people. But our Supernatural Father Al-Ilah, The Father, is just the opposite. He was not created by people but He is Self-Existent of His own Authority.

    No prayer and fasting in Allah, Al-ilah, The Supernatural spiritual Father, Abba, that has sons and He is Primary Source of "NOOR" and He is in our hearts but in Ilah, the tribal god created by men that is mythological called Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc. and he is in heaven, alienated from us. Allah is called Elohim, ParBrahm, etc. that is purely Spirit, NOOR.

    Hazrat Mian Mir Ji was NOT Hazrat but a Humble Servant of Allah called "GURMUKH SIKH".

    Gurmukh Sikh = Mussallmaan. Mohammedans are not Muslims but Kafirs if they have no Heya, the Foundation of Islam and they are not truthful, contented and merciful. Kafirs are sons of Al-Djmar Al-Aksa and they are ruining Syria and other countries.

    NO PROPHET AFTER JOHN – LUKE 16V16; LAW AND PROPHETS END TILL JOHN. Then, who was Super Servant Jesus and Super Hazrat Mohammed?

    Chosen People are the Demonstration Nation of the world to teach us the Moral Laws through practical suffering when their Blind Guides, the Rabbis led their spiritually blind Disciples or students into the Pits of Holocausts. Here is what we can predict in the Light of Matt. 13v24-30:-

    Never mind, we are in the Tribulation Period and the ATOMIC WAR is expected on 14 May 2023 when Israel shall be 75 years old. This is how it will happen:-

    Israel was established on 14 May 1948 + 70 years of Protection as the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. If anyone knows the exact date of destruction, I would appreciate. By this time, there will be a mass movement of the Jews outwardly towards Israel in which the Jews of the Semitic race would be bundled up – Matt. 13v24-30. Then, Israel would suffer attacks from the circumcised Gentiles, the fake sons of Abraham TILL 14 May 2023. Remember that Circumcision is the tribal mark of Abraham to Isaac only and not to Ishmael, a son born of the slave woman. The greedy Temple Priests created these fake sons of Abraham and Angel Stephen warned them of the end results but they killed him.

    I have over 5800 Youtube Videos to help you understand the subject by criticising my mistakes. In the spiritual Field, you must renew your Innerman, the Christ every day; otherwise, you are dead in letters super donkey carrying the Holy Books. Gospel flows from your own heart and not from the dead letters of the Holy Books.

    Your own choice; Inshmullah Islam of Shia/Sunni Shariah or
    Inshallah Islam of Noor “Free of Sharia”?

    The real Islam is of Allah, Sun, Primary Source of Light called NOOR. This Moon and Star Islam of Mullahs, Inshmullah, is the Satan called Al-Djmar Al-Aksa and it is bearing fruits in Shia and Sunni of men and not of Allah. Real Islam is of “ba ilah” or be the son of Man or of the tribal natural father, Bande da Puttar to “Ba Al-Ilah”, our Supernatural Father “Allah” Noor that is not Shia or Sunni. La-Ilah stands for no more the son of the tribal father but of the Al-Djmar Al-Aksa; Islam is of Satan and that is why they keep Kabah, “Shiv or Adam Mandir” to their left hand during going around for seven times. For greater details, visit my YouTube videos on Hajj; channel nijjhar1.

    Playlist on “Circumcision”:-
    Playlist on Hajj:-
    Shorter playlist on Hajj:-
    A True Mussallmaan, a man with Mussallum = Firm belief, Eemaan in Allah. Thus, a True Mussallman is in Allah and Allah is in him if he has these Four qualities:-
    1. He has Heya/sharm/conscience/Salt of his tribal father or of his Khandaan called “Ba-Ilah”, son of Man – This is Nesiff or Half Eemaan.
    2. He speaks truth but nothing else but truth
    3. He is contented with his lot or Haq. He is satisfied with “HAQ HALAL” earning or no cheating that is drinking the blood of poor.
    4. He is Merciful and helps the poor on a philanthropic basis.

    Such a Person is a Mussallmaan and they are very rare whilst the Kafirs dominate in this Islam of Mullahs Al-Djmar Al-Aksa.

    Here is an article about Hajj for Peaceful living of the Sons of Man:-

    Article on circumcision:-

    Youtube Video on this topic:-

    What is the Gospel Truth?

    Truths are two types; the natural truth that applies to physical nature which is “relative” and the spiritual Truth, which is of our Supernatural Father God and as it is Light, no relativity applies but it is “Absolute Truth”.

    Here is a video:-

    The gist of Gospel Truth:-

    Why call Easter? How Sunflower represents people pre-destined of God? Why is Western wall being worshipped by the Jews?
    In Jesus, prayer is Anti-Christ:-

    Donald Trump would make Jews run for Israel to fulfil Matt. 13v24-30, which Hilary wouldn't.

    Hi Brethren,

    Remember that prayers were done to the demiurge Yahweh whilst our living Father within us only understands His Praises Preached in Gospel Truth. Tell me what the word "Yeshua" stands for? The meaning of this very name can bring Peace in the world and these migrants can stay in their countries if they are explained, "Every plant which my heavenly Father didn't plant shall be uprooted by the roots". So, with these fanciful robes and keeping their monks mute and deaf, the Abbotts have become Anti-Christs. Here is a video explaining this:-

    These Monks and Abbotts buried in useless prayers and fasting deaf to the Season of Preaching Gospel, they themselves cannot get Salvation then how could they offer Salvation to others. They are Utter Blind leading the Blinds into UTTER DARKNESS.

    Here is another Video why we shouldn’t pray or fast in Jesus so far our Bridegroom “Christ” is within our hearts:-
    Here is a typical corruption of the Old Testament in Gen 17 – Circumcision:-

    Five simple questions:-

    1. What is the difference between a Priest and a Royal Priest?
    2. Why Yahweh created Adam first and Eve out of the rib of Adam and not both together?
    3. Why a woman cannot teach but she can Preach Gospel?
    4. Why Jesus made a whip and beat the traders when He Preached that if someone hits on one cheek then present the other?
    5. What is the difference between the kingdom of heaven of the Rabbis and the Royal Kingdom of God that Jesus ushered in?

    Why Jesus is not the Lord?:-

    Anti-Christ Monk addresses Jesus as Lord instead of Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus:

    Pre-destined people are Sun Flowers:-

    Why is Easter celebrated with Easter egg? Anything born of an egg has very strong sensory organs or sharp mind.

    Youtube Video on this topic:-

    Who rose on the Third Day? Jesus called YahShiva, the Second Adam or the Christ, the Son of Most High?

    If you cannot answer any of the above questions, then you are dead in spirit Super Donkey Theologian. This was said by Christ.
    I just attended Kirchentag and your Juda Iscariots in Sheep's clothing, the hireling Dog-Collar Priests in the Churches who steal Church Donations as their Salaries in the fashion of Juda Iscariot stealing money from the Purse, a Thief, didn't like my views. Such Dog-Collared Thieves cannot give your account to God as the Rabbis used to do so at Passover. They fulfil Matt. 12v43-45 making the situation worse than before the arrival of Jesus. All these sectarian riots are caused by these Neo-Super Blind Guides in Dog-Collars leading the super blind congregations into the Pits of sectarian riots. In Jesus, we are the Royal Priests and enjoy Free-will. Therefore, choice is yours.

    Rajinder Nijjhar
    Youtube Channel nijjhar1 for answers.


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