Contrasting Christianity, Islam, And Also Judaism


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  1. It is sad that so many hate Christianity because they think it's a tool of the Jews.
    Christ rebuked the Pharisees, lies and hypocrisy that seems to be not unlike "Jews" today. Today's Israel is not Israel of the Bible.. in any sense.

  2. 18:21 the answer jesus will save us muslim from the anti-crist. in Arabic all muslim known anti-christ as (''Dajjal'' meaing a big fat lier). and thats why we call jesus the messiah. i can't tell you what this anti-Christ will do in detail but he will deceive believers with miracles and claim he is the Messiah and later he will claim he is god. some jews will become his army because they believe their messiah hasn't come yet. muslim and christians will unite when jesus descend from heaven. and jesus will kill the false messiah . dajjal is one of the biggest test god will sent on earth for 40 days to test people faith before the last day. jesus will clear the misconception and save us from believing that anti-christ as god because believing him will led us to hell. that is what it means jesus is a saver (messiah) in greek ''christos'' later they cut the os left with english christ to us muslims. Ezekiel 18:20-21 that is muslims salvation.

  3. Place the word "God" between two book covers and it instantly becomes a "bible" and therefor the "word" of "God".
    Many Christians professing loyalty to Christian teaching and philosophy have never read their bible all the way through. Anyone who has read the Quran thoroughly knows it cannot be defined as a religion nor peaceful nor compatible with any other so called religious belief.
    The "God" of life, peace, harmony, expansion, tolerance, forgiveness and love in one bible, is strangely the "God" of death, vengeance, intolerance, suppression, reduction, dominance, murder, war, and disharmony in (((the other))) "bible".
    Love through willingness vs love through fear – sounds, tastes, looks, and feels starkly different. Obedience and compliance by freedom or force has different lifespans and virtues of value.
    Anyone believing and subscribing to the teaching philosophy of the "Christ" knows clearly that "heaven" and "hell" were never intended to merge as one big happy family.
    Another home run Gizmo Cat! Thanks. You do have a nose for "hypocrisy" although finding it is certainly becoming easier and easier.

  4. Theists and Atheists are extremists at the opposite ends of the CULT ( blind belief / faith ) spectrum … If you haven't had instruction on how to interpret all of the scriptures and texts in their Esoteric, Allegorical, Symbolic, Mythological, Hidden meanings and you instead take the texts LITERALLY then Yes … there are shit-loads of inconsistencies and contradictions when you don't understand what you are reading.

    READING a scripture or text upon which organised religions were founded will tell you what they SAY but will NOT tell you what they MEAN … to find out what they MEAN you need to take instruction from experts in GNOSTICISM such as those at

    People with a brain should realise that they either KNOW something (Gnostic) or they DON'T KNOW it (Agnostic) and should NEVER take an unwavering, closed-minded stance based on BLIND-FAITH or BLIND BELIEF in someone elses interpretation / explanation !!!

  5. My, oh my, Mr Gizmo – you do have a knack for constructing arguments! Interpretation is difficult, and consistency is important when it comes to religious messages. If adherents of any faith have to twist words, and constantly tell others what the true meaning of their religious texts are, then there is a problem. It's a minefield, but it is important to ask difficult questions when it comes to something as important as deciding which, if any, of the religions is the truth. It's something I find myself saying time and again these days, there can only be one truth.

  6. I've watched every episode from DarkMatter2525 and hundreds of hours of The Atheist Experience. Both are good sources of pointing out religions' contradictions.

    If religion is a hoax, jews are the gods, because they created modern day religions christianity, islam and judaism..

    That is one of the reasons that I'm an atheist.


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