Hinduism Vs Christianity & Islam

Hindus could typically have a hard time to clarify the tremendous variety in their religious beliefs, specifically in contrast to Christianity as well as Islam. This video clip lays out why it is that Hinduism is so extremely various to the western Abrahamic beliefs. Christianity as well as Islam are basically redemption faiths which seek to conserve people from an infinity of heck, while eastern faiths are based upon achieving greater states of awareness. This, in addition to various other origin suggestions are the reasons there are massive distinctions in between the beliefs. When these are recognized describing Hinduism to the various other comes to be much less complicated as well as understandable.

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  1. Freewill leads to actions and words, they in turn make one’s own karma. According to Karma siddhanta one has to reap what one sows. This accrued karma must be resolved in order to attain the goal of mukti or moksha. If karma is not resolved then one’s Atman takes up another body (janma) and starts the new life cycle all over. Thus birth -> death -> birth cycle continues until moksha is attained. There is no original sin or Satan or permanent hell. Almighty will not create something he can not control. Supreme being will not remain punitive with the eternal hell fire punishment. Because almighty is very compassionate and loving.

    The Upanishads say that God is Brahman (consciousness) and It has no form or gender. It is everywhere and everything is in It as per Advaita (non-dualism). On the other hand Dvaita (dualism ) school of philosophy says God is separate from the sristi ( creation or cosmos) . Hinduism applies its karma siddhanta to all sentient beings without any discrimination of people of other faiths. “Sarvejano Sukhinobhavantu” means may all live happily. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means The whole world is one family.

  2. This video makes ONE MASSIVE BLASPHEMOUS ERROR in putting Islam alongside Christianity….Islam is not any religion it is plagiarism MASSIVE PLAGIARISM…. you make so many errors in this its unbelievable….Islam is not a Western religion….nor is Christianity….Christianity never became a state religion….it is Catholicism that did so….the early Christians were murdered by the Roman empire…..Hinduism is a spiritual path yes with no clear direction but many directions……The western world had one clear way of uniting together under Christ and created a great civilisation with many faults but it still did it…..to say a human has a divine self would put man equal to God…….what about all the immoral things man does in this world would he still be divine = NO…..this video was nothing but making the way of Christ and Muhammed look the same it is not = Christ says clearly blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven….this is to everyone not to only to Christians…the Catholic Church is to blame for alot of the bad view people have of supposed Christianity…..Jesus is not a religion Jesus is a spiritual master who lived in Nirvana (the only one) and it is free for anyone to follow.

  3. Hinduism god called rat , Elepghant , buffalo etc has 33 crore god . Guyz please sorry for hurt your feeling but it is fact . Judaism christinaity islam are from abraham he is recent prophet . In india there may be chance ram krishna buddha is prophet but the final prophet is muhammed saw you have to follow him

  4. This Type of religion like Hinduism is like 0+0+0+0 doesn't make 1. What if Asteroid destroy Earth what will happens there Reincarnation can we born in the space or we born in Mars if they did that will be so cool.

  5. If a religion is based on purity, patience and perseverance like Hinduism, it would not need paid mouth pieces like Zakir Naik, a Converted Hindu who still carries his Hindu heritage by keeping his surname as Naik. Religion is big business hence the Rich Christians in Western Countries are asked to donate money to spread the word of God to filthy heathens. Petro dollars from Saudi Arabia and rise in oil prices has seen the likes of Zakir Naik and other paid Mullah's who quote selectively from Hindu Scriptures and try to ridicule the well established truths of Hindu Scriptures. Islam was spread by Sword and Christianity by a bag of rice. There are many families in India, especially in the south who claim that their forefathers were converted to Christianity by a bag of rice. Rice bag Christians as they are called to this day. Well I have nothing against them but saying that your beliefs are Superior, you need to come out of stone age and stop hiding your women in Burka, as we have rule of law and women are no longer property like sheep or cattle to be stolen and treated like a piece of meat akin to the days when Prophet Mohammad gave his message to the masses. Concept of Allah is not controversial in Hindu religion as we recognize both, divinity with forms and formless God. Water has no form but it takes the form of the container. So a bottle of water, jug of water or bucket of water are all same no matter how they look or appear to you. Water is like divinity which can take any form. When frozen it is like ice cubes, when in liquid form it can be poured into any mold, when in vapor form it formless and attribute less. Islam has to evolve from when the Kuran was written and delivered to this age, when women are no longer a piece of property to be owned and when we live in pluralistic multi cultural society where freedom of speech and thought is not restricted by Fatwas and dictates of long bearded Mullahs is no longer the final word. Sufi Islam is true Islamic culture and tradition based on direct experience and the divine romance between God and the creation. All the rest is Mullahs' Islam and not Allah's Islam.

  6. There is no thing like Hinduism Vs Christianity or any religion Hinduism is very Inclusive. we Hindus do believe in gods and there is no restriction to believe in certain god or else one will go to hell in Hinduism even a non believer does not have to go to hell. i am a Hindu and i believe in every god even in jesus and allah and it doesn't make me a less Hindu. we believe in "Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam" which means the world is one family.

  7. You say that hinduism is a path involving sadhana to realise God whereas abrahamic traditions are focused on salvation after death. Well most Hindus I guess consider religion to be their dharma first, which implies living your life according to the moral standards, worshipping the gods in the temples, and also many practice at home a worship of their personnal deity (ishta devata) to get a good infuence from it.
    In old hinduism, yoga was practised only at the last stages of life for liberation. Bhagavad Gita and Tantra emphasise the idea of yoga for liberation as well as the life in the world, but I am not sure all hindus practice serious yoga sadhana ^^

    Now, in Christianity, there is also a way of life for contemplative people, it's the monastery… but it is true that in catholic church, mysticism is generally badly considered. On another hand, they do not only accept the Bible as an autoritative source (this is maybe more true for protestants) but for example they recognise as a doctor of the Church a great Saint like Theresa of Avila who stated that God is whithiin oneself and that anybody can realise it. So this doctrine is assumed to be the official view of the catholic church.
    Orthodox christianity is a bit different as they believe each christian should realise the presence of Jesus in himself, so they are more focused on god realisation in this life. Among protestants, I guess there is a lot of diversity, but many emphasise the direct experience of the holy spirit to be "born again"….

  8. B R A H M A A = A B R A H A M…Under sanathana dharma falls in every religion known to humanity… one light disperses into many colors or one god many religions …. the ability to use god to dominate over earthly sojourn,is time immemorial… One Earth but Many Countries..

    Sarvam Khalvidham Brahman.

  9. I would appreciate if there was awareness in people to call it Sanatan Sanskriti or Vedic Dharma. Sanatan Sanskriti is repository of knowledge with human evolution. This evolved with the time and yug (kaal).

    1.Since Dharma evolved and led humans from darkness to light from ignorance to knowledge. "tamso ma jyotirgamaya". There was no other religion to compete So there is no name,no rules for bashing other religion. You can't bash or criticize non existent.
    2. This is why got more than 1400 books scriptures on various topics helpful in material and spiritual life and this knowledge evolved with time.

    3. Ayurvda, Medicine, Vyakrna, Natyashashtra, state crafts, yagya hawan ritual, philosophy, astrology, Jyotish, poetics, sangita shastra, yoga, Veda,Vedanta, Puran, Mimansa to name a few. Books are available on every aspect of human brain can imagine in such a detail that only one book Mahabharat contains one lakh shlokas.

    4. In short Dharma is celebration of the diversity of Human knowledge.

    5. We as a layman only know about Dharma as a blind man knows about elephant after holding the tail of the elephant.

    5. Most of us are only able to know what we see on daily basis like nature and creation worship. And on the basis of this we criticize and appreciate dharma. But Dharma criticize none. Dharma don't give scope for criticism but enlightenment.

    6. There is so much more to know. Since I am born in a Dharma followers family. Therefore I celebrate the diversity of human thoughts with ease. Dose not mean i know everything. But once you will know Dharma out of the set set criteria of Abrahamic religion for Dharma. You will find nothing to criticize like a blind man holding an elephant tail and saying why he is made to hold a snake.

    8. For example when you see a survivor on discovery eating dead animal poo and pee either you appreciate or criticize this. But no one can deny that this human will survive the odd. And Dharma have a complete set of philosophy and practicing sect. However a little. To make sure that the human will survive the extreme. And Dharma. They will not die out because of the certain dogmas made by the so called civilized society or religion.

    9. Religion ends at heaven and hell only but the Dharma gives to strive even beyond this. That's Moksha complete liberation.

    10. Comparing Dharma with one book one prophet religion is not a good idea. Can only increase ignorance. So better study the world's oldest surviving civilization based on Dharma yourself. सर्वे जना:सुखिनो भवन्तु. सर्वे सन्तु निराम्या:

  10. The thing is most Hindus are failing Hinduism by not understanding it, esp the illiterate follow blindly to religious leaders who are mostly corrupt! Women are seen as lesser yet in Hinduism they should be respected, in India I noticed how people just stare at people when in trouble or even raped yet they call themselves Hindu..the problem is in a country that speaks highly of Hinduism are also the hypocrites of the religion! It only damages the religion and view of the religion.


  11. Yes hinduism is one of the most secularist religion out there but it does has its evil.. there is one of the worst caste system, dowry, even a doctrine of do's and don't.. the sati practise, the honour killings.. it looks to me that this religion was lost in translation many many years ago and has deviated from what it was supposed to be

  12. There is another suggestion. Taking all these for granted, now is it that I do not remember
    anything of my past life? This can be easily explained I am now speaking English. It is not
    my mother tongue, in fact no words of my mother tongue are now present in my
    consciousness; mut let me try to bring them up, and they rush in. That shows that
    consciousness is only the surface of the mental ocean, and within its depths are stored up all
    our experiences. Try and struggle, they would come up and you would by conscious even of
    your past life.

  13. Hinduism: the most ancient, deep, and multi-faceted religion. I'm not even comfortable calling it a religion because the term is loaded with Western, Abrahamic baggage. Hinduism is as broad a category as 'Religion' is in the West.


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