Jews Exploring Christianity (Reply2 one for Israel messianic jews for jesus selected individuals ministries

A LAST WORD TO JEWS EXPLORING CHRISTIANITY– Component 11 OF 11 of Jews and also Jewish Christianity: A Jewish Feedback to the Promoter Obstacle. This video clip was generated to convince Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews and also Hebrew-Christians to rethink at the problems of Jewish Christianity.

JEWS FOR JUDAISM counters Christian promoters that target Jews, the influence of cults, eastern religious beliefs, adaptation & various other difficulties to Jewish connection. We enhance Jewish satisfaction and also identification and also recover Jews that have actually been affected by promoters & cults. We provide FREE curricula, products & therapy that attach Jews to the spiritual deepness, appeal, knowledge & reality of Judaism.

Every year 1,000 Christian missionary teams, like One for Israel Maoz messianic Jews for Jesus Jewish Voice I located shalom invest $Millions targeting Jews worldwide, providing themselves as Jewish to tempt Jews to transform. They offer Christianity in the semblance of Judaism by calling their clergy “rabbis” and also their churches “messianic synagogues,” describe Jesus Christ as Yeshua HaMashiach, ישוע המשיח or ישו הנוצרי and also the New Testimony as the Brit HaChadasha, הברית החדשה and also their Christian religious beliefs as Messianic Judaism or יהדות משיחית.

Calling themselves Jews for Jesus, Hebrew Christians, Messianic Jews, Messianic Jewish Christians or יהודים משיחיים, they commemorate Jewish vacations with a Christian analysis. They hold Shabbat solutions, use Jewish skullcaps & petition serapes to develop the perception that a Jew could be a Christian and also still preserve their Jewish identification. Utilizing Torah Scrolls, Shabbat candle light lights, Hamotzei & Kiddush they make unaffiliated Jews really feel comfy & welcome in their churches.

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  1. Christians believe every person they convert becomes a 'star in their crown' [I've heard them use these very words]. They suddenly go all out, they become so sickeningly sweet, so supportive, so loving. They pretend they have a 'fellowship' between each other that you, too, could be a part of. But it's all a sham. They want you to drink the Koolaid that's already killing them. They want to take you down with them. Glance quickly around you as you stand amongst their 'loving group', you will see eyes on you like hungry sharks. Don't be taken in by them. They will eat you, like they eat each other. They will hold you up like a sock puppet to entice others to join them with you. If you are considering Christianity then SEPARATE yourself from them, and consider it YOURSELF. Don't listen to their lies, don't subject yourself to their subtle brainwashing. You have a brain, USE it. Don't be taken in by 'feelings'.


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