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JEWS FOR JUDAISM is a global company devoted to responding to the multi-million buck initiatives of Christian missionary teams that target Jews, the influence of cults and also eastern faiths, and also the expanding price of intermarriage that is ruining the Jewish area. JEWS FOR JUDAISM accomplishes its objective with FREE curricula, products and also therapy solutions that attach Jewish individuals to the spiritual deepness, elegance and also knowledge of Judaism and also maintains Jews Jewish. Please call us if we could assist you. www.jewsforjudaism.ca


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  1. I was raised to feel sorry for Jews and told that Jews wouldn't go to heaven.
    I was also taught that you could not talk to God directly, had to go through Jesus. This never made sense to me and I did not follow it. God didn't seem to mind.
    I am at a sort of cross roads. I believe with my whole heart in God, but how? Judaism seems close to what I'm already believing. However, to make that change will cost me dearly at home.
    I know, God and study is all I need to figure this out.
    Thanx for listening, sometimes thinking out loud helps.

  2. About four or five years ago I went to the senior pastor of my childhood church and asked him about two passages which the New Testament cite, Zech 19:37 and Hos 11:1. His answers didn't satisfy me, and that was when I really began to doubt the claims made about Moshiach in the New Testament by Evangelical Christianity.

    Furthermore, there is a passage in the book of Acts which states that Paul the Apostle was proving from the Hebrew Scriptures that the Christos (Messiah) was supposed to suffer and die (Acts 17). This passage conveniently omits the specific texts from which Paul was supposedly arguing. Besides which, I've read the Tanach through several times, and I could never find anything which really seemed to suggest Moshiach suffering and dying.

    Of course I'm very open to discussing these things with Christians. If I am correct and they are wrong, than I should have nothing to fear. The same is true for them.

  3. Rabbi I have a question. Christians claim there is redemption only through blood. Is there any way to counter this from OT? Also are there any verse that suggest how to atone for sins after the destruction of the Temple? Thanks. It is a pleasure listening to you.

  4. This was really a fantastic explanation as always,
    It is not so often one may think about it, but G-d never speaks in the New Testament
    Then comes the big question, how can a book written by men be holy?
    The Lord said to me never appear in the New Testament not even once,
    But it is said to be inspired by G-d,
    A book that contains so much gross mistakes and plenty of contradictions is not from HaShem because HaShem does not make mistakes,,


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