An Evangelical-Mormon Discussion

2 good friends review elegance, God, as well as their belief.


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  1. When Brad spoke of the many nuances in Christianity . But mormonism is just as diverse. There are hundreds of mormon sects with their own prophets and apostles. Even in the big church, the members are divided.

    I was a devout mormon for 30 years and was saved by grace, learned the history, and left. I loved the church and was shocked when I learned the truth. There are too many problems with the changing doctrine. Also, mormon VIP heaven requires me to be one of millions of wives to one husband. I never wanted to be a God, so mormon VIP heaven feels more like VIP hell.

    Mormonism is all about them and what God's going to give them by making them a God.

    Loving the biblical Jesus and being saved by grace is all about Him and what He already did for me. I will praise Him until my very last breath.

    I pray that the mormons, will open their eyes to Jesus Christ!

  2. Does Brad realize that the occult also considers the fall a fall up? They also call that tree the tree of life. When you study and know what God's enemy subscribes to, you will find many doctrines of deamons which sound very similar to the doctrines of mormonism. It really is the truth, but most believers in either of the religions discussed here never dare to look.

  3. A bunch of bickering about who knows more of the backstory to a fictitious claim. Like 2 people arguing about where magic comes from in Harry Potter 1000 years after J.K. Rowling is dead.

  4. So many of these comments are pathetic and disappointing. The point of this whole thing was to FOSTER UNITY AND UNDERSTANDING between different Christian sects! And here we are, squabbling about how our particular church is best.


  5. Not everyone who attends a Christian church is an authentic Christian! Not everyone who teaches in a Christian church is an authentic Christian! Following Christ's teachings and becoming a Christian is a choice one makes. When that choice is made, the Holy Spirit of GOD indwells ( 1 Corinthians 6:19 ) in that person for all eternity ( John 14: 16 ). John the Beloved says in 1 John 2:19 "They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us." A real Christian will not, and cannot, convert to or support a non Christian religion like Islam, Hinduism, Atheism, and Mormonism as the Holy Spirit of GOD guides the spiritual life of the true believer ( 1 John 2:27 ) ( Ezekiel 36:27 ). There are NO Christians converting to Mormonism; however, there are many Mormons converting to Christianity on a daily basis!

  6. I find evangelicals Christians being attacked lied on and called liers BY anti Christian Mormons just for speeking the truth is see its the same here, exchanging the truth for a lie that makes you comfortable. You know the true God and you reject him..

  7. We believe that the Bible is correct in so far as it is CORRECTLY TRANSLATED. The BoM on the other hand is pure truth. It is the most correct book on Earth! It is ridiculous to accept those parts of the Bible which are not correctly translated because it is not the Word of God!

  8. What a delightful thing. We Latter-day Saints are much more accustomed to the garden-variety Evangelical anti-Mormon propaganda that misrepresents and purposely distorts LDS teachings and history. To have an event that features a conversation where each listens is a welcome change.

  9. Oh goodness! It's so twisted from what the Bible says. I believe this is why Evangelicals struggle.
    There is not much to understand with them. It is very clear! 🙁 yet, we love them just as Christ did.

  10. They should have had somebody else to cover the Mormon aspect of this. His points of view very narrow. To be honest, there is very little revealed truth in the Mormon faith. Much of what he is talking about is philosophy and speculation.. There is a lot we do not know. And many things he states as Mormon Doctrine are not. But they are ideas that are accepted by many Mormons, but definitely not all. As a Mormon religious Professor often told me, 'what we think we know is…' . In other words there is a lot that we do not know. We're all struggling and trying to live closer to God and learn more about him and be more like him. I think that is something that Mormons and Evangelical can all agree on. We need to stand together against the growing tide of people without faith.

  11. I have heard this LDS MAN speek before this is not how he normally speeks, he is being a phoney trying to be convincing soft voice agreeable like some people answering the phone.
    like my boss to his boss,
    O yes yes I totally agree yes we would be in total agreement, that's exactly what I was thinking I'm in total agreement there, we are on the same page here.
    I can be remember his talks
    he must have forgotten them, that would acount for his contradicting of himself from his last TALKS……

  12. So the LDS heavenly Father is the literal the SPIRIT Father of the Virgin MARY, In whom he procreated jesus with.
    And jesus is heavenly Father's first spirit child and jesuses, spirit Sister, with the LDS HEAVENLY FATHER PROCREATED TOGETHER,
    with Mary her spirit brother, and her and his son. And the LDS heavenly father procreated together and BORE the human body
    for her brother jesus with her.
    LDS Heavenly Father sired jesus with his literal spirit DAUGHTER to create the body of his human son jesus. And both are spirit siblings, and jesus being Marys human sibling and human son.
    The LDS heavenly Father's spirit and humin son in one ..

    Wow I think Ive got it.
    I can't write it but I've got it. …incestuous

  13. I don't think any Mormon is capable of speaking for any Mormon. They all have different answers, based on how they choose to lie about their beliefs in order to get biblical Christians to think they're similar.

  14. It's interesting how Steve mentions that we only have one life to come to know Jesus (as most Evangelicals state that you have to confess Jesus as your Savior in order to be saved by grace and make it to Heaven), but then in the next sentence says that God is merciful in judgement to those that don't have the requirement of confessing Jesus as their Savior thus being saved by grace. You can't have it both ways, Steve.

  15. Sorry, Brad, but Mormons DO believe in a different Jesus – LDS teach that Jesus is one of many many gods, but Biblical Christians believe that Jesus is God in flesh….the only one who ever existed in all of eternity.  Big difference, don't you think?


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