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  1. Stop Harassing these innocent young men. JAH is for everyone "black or White" HE is the one who calls and chooses whom HE wants! Some of the natural branches were broken off from the good olive tree because of their unbelief and JAH graffed other branches in, and together they partakest of the roots and fatness of the olive tree. (Romans 11:17-21) You black man…! JAH made one Human (Adam) and from him came everyone.(Colored Dust). JAH is not interested in colored dust but in Spirit man (HIS Image).

  2. Lol, this fucking guy is so stupid. DNA is from both male and female. Though most adult cells contain two sets of chromosomes, sperm and egg cells are different. These special cells have just one chromosome from each pair. … Chromosomes from each pair in a mother or father, respectively, make contact and exchange pieces of DNA, creating hybrid chromosomes.

  3. Wow for years i felt and knew this info..my family and everyone thought i was crazy…America is Babylon and GOD is very upset with this country…im happy to see now that im not crazy at all…!!! Yashuwa i love you.!!!!

  4. God told the fathers of Israel not to give their sons neither their daughters to the other nations that worship demon gods. And the men of Israel who did marry the women of the other nations they had to give them and their children up.


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