Creator’s Witnesses v. Mormons – Ep. 1 – Belief versus Belief (with Jonathan Streeter)

In this brand-new collection I discover the resemblances and also distinctions in between Creator’s Witnesses and also various other high control teams. Up are the Mormons, with ex-Mormon vlogger and also blog owner Jonathan Streeter addressing my inquiries regarding the different ideas and also methods of the LDS Church.

Resources stated in the video clip:

1. Authorities Scripture Topics Essays:

Essay recognizing that Joseph Smith wed 14- year-olds and also various other guys’s better halves:.

2. Rough Rock Rolling: offered in main church book shop below: On below:

3. Expert sight on Mormon Origins, on below: 

4. CES Letter:

5. “Letter for my wife and children” – much like CES letter over, yet with a softer tone. Much more available.

6. FAIRMormon Regretful site:

7. Exmormon Subreddit:

8. Mormon Stories Podcast:

9. Jonathan’s Internet site: YouTube: FaceBook:

10: Mormon Range (for discovering regional support system): 

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  1. Lesbian ex-Mormon convert here. A few months after I left I ended up having a drunken conversation with a stranger and we got on to the topic of religion, turns out he was a gay ex-JW. We shared our experiences and had a good laugh. I forgot to add him on Facebook and I never heard from him again, but there was a lot of solidarity there.

  2. I have enjoyed seeing you both on the Scientology Critical Thinker at Large channel. It was interesting that when you two talk together, it is totally different than on that channel. When you two talk together it is very belief and scripture centered. When talking with Scientologist, belief and scripture don't come into it at all. Great video, thanks.

  3. The book of Mormon is a lie. That God had a father who had a father born of goddesses etc. The MORMONS are worse than the JW. They believe that Jesus was imperfect etc. They do not teach from the Bible. They have Temples that cost millions that could go to the poor. Joseph Smith had other men's wives etc. When you die you can have many wives and children in heaven etc. This is the closest to Islam …….. And all kinds of stuff done in the Temple is Masonic and little or nothing of Christ.

  4. I am currently an Independent Baptist, I actually don't have doubt, but I think it is always good to be able to put what I believe to the test to see if it is true. I think there are similarities mostly in morality of lifestyles to JW's and Mormons, can you do an evaluation of Independent Baptist's?

  5. @John Cedars   Aren't you supposed to investigate the Mormon faith on your own?  Here's a couple of things. The You Tube video ''Book of Abraham debunks anti-LDS Lies'' debunked all of that anti-Book of Abraham info, thoroughly too.  The You Tube videos ''Answering the CES Letter'' EXPOSE the deceptive tactics used by the author Jeremy Runnels.  These two things I last addressed seem to be avoided by the anti-Mormon community for some reason, could this be obvious as to why?

  6. JW X FDS
    7 X7
    ei! se tem mais de oito milhoes de tjs orando para Jeová não deixar banir a obra lá…vamos ser sinceros, se as oraçoes dos justos em conjunto tem poder e Jeová aprova as tjs, sem dúvida Jeová atenderá e será uma prova inegável para todos , que JEOVÁ os apoia , mas se houver um banimento é uma inegável prova que JEOVÁ NÃO OUVE AS ORAÇÕES DELES ou que Jeová os está castigando ! o que acham ?

  7. How can anyone think that the writers of The Book of Mormon used made up names. In the book of Ether, there was a King named Coriantumr, and he warred with Shared, and Lib, and Shiz, and others, in the "plains of Heshlon"; and the "valley of Gilgal"; and the "wilderness of Akish"; and the "land of Moran"; and the "plains of Agosh"; and "Ogath," and "Ramah," and the "land of Corihor," and the "hill Comnor," by "the waters of Ripliancum." These names all sound legitimate to me.

  8. You were talking about encounters with Mormons. On at least 3 separate occasions Mormons and JWs hit our neighborhood simultaneously. As in, JWs would knock on our door and then Mormons would knock on our door like 10 mins later. No fist fights ever broke out, however. Darn it.

  9. I appreciate your comment about how Mormons mastered the whole internet TV thing well before JWs. One of my in-laws keeps waxing poetically about how "amazing" the Society is for having done all this stuff that other orgs and companies did a long time before them. I don't think he uses the word "amazing" in the same way I use it. Maybe he thinks it means "underwhelming?"

  10. Regarding membership numbers, it was revealed some years ago that Mormon numbers are greatly inflated. A study suggested they really had about 7 million active members at a time when JW were right around that same number. You might want to look that study up. I think I first saw it on's Austin Cline section.

  11. Wish I could have a solid OK I am not going but I throw it around in my head and even have a sister who keeps mailing me and calling an telling me how bad ppl will die an my family will be resurrected again.
    I just don't know why it makes me cry but I do an I got a letter the day before the memorial and had a pic of my parents an grandma me an her roommate. All of em are dead except me an her roommate.
    Who's a devout jw. As my grandma was.
    I honestly am scared of her. The other sister who talks to me she is so sweet.
    I am so still conflicted.
    I smoke an sometimes drink.
    I cuss and I have had relations as a swinger in previous years. So I feel like I am an would be open if I went back an it would get me df'd again.
    Or shaming would happen.
    I would be telling more but it's a book.
    My conscious is all messed up.
    Any advice?


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