New Age Deceived “Christians” – Are You Among Them????

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  1. I am worried about my friend who I thought was a Christian. She is an artist and sometimes paints these beautiful pictures of biblical themes and heavenly things. She even told me she believes Jesus is the only way to God. Then just last week I saw that one of her paintings was about Buddah and how we all need to find our own path to spiritual enlightenment. I was shocked and very sad because she said she believes only in Jesus as the way yet why is she painting buddah and talking about spiritual enlightenment? Is she is Christian? Is she new age?? I don't know what to think I am so sad

  2. Back in2009 I went through a very scary situation involving a guy I was dating (few weeks it lasted) I was left broken after it. Then in 2010 I was getting stronger and I suffered another blow that broke me again by the end of 2010 another 2 things happened that set me back again. I was in a very bad depression until late 2011. I was told about a prayer meeting that was on that evening in my home town. Two days before this I had made a appointment to speak to a priest I had spoke to in 2009 over the guy.
    I wasn't to sure about going to prayer meeting as I had a appointment with the priest. I thought I would ask priest about the prayer meeting when I spoke to him. So I called to the priest at the appointed time his car was outside and lights were on inside. I knocked and rang bell a good few times and there was no answer. I knocked the other priests door who lived next door and he answered. I asked was other priest around as I had appointment with him. He went over knocking on door and got no answer. I asked could I speak to him instead. He said he had someone in side and apologised.

    I have faith all my life and think everything happens for a reason. So I thought God wants me to go to the prayer meeting. I couldn't eat or sleep and cried and cried for a very long time.

    I went to the meeting and I have to say from that day on I started to heal and get stronger. I told the man holding the meeting about my troubles and he said to me just remember that God is with you every step of the way. So when I left the meeting I went out to my grans coz I was staying a lot with my gran she was in her 90s. I made my gran her supper and made myself something to eat. I was I turned off the lights after me with my forehead coz my hands were full. When I went back up with empty plates and cups all of the lights I had turned off were back on and other lights two. I kinda panicked for a split second coz we were living in countryside and I knew doors were locked as well. The minute I looked at the picture of the Holy Family on the wall. Panic left me and peace came over me. That night I had best night sleep in like 2years. 🙂
    I went to another few meetings after that. They were on once a week. Then the man holding them got sick and they stopped for a long long time.

    I got news that the people were coming back to my town doing prayer meetings again and I was looking forward to going again. The week they were starting back up the healers dad who used to sing at them died. It was then that I read about how those meetings were not of God. So I made appointment with a priest to see was it ok to go to them. The priest said he didn't know much about them even tho they rented a room from the Church for them. He said there should definitely should be a priest present at tho. I never went to one again and never will.

    If there not from God tho how come I got great strength and peace from them?

    I also forgot to say the first meeting I went to the man prayed over everyone individually in tounges. The minute he put his hand on my head speaking in tounges I called God for protection and said the Lord's Prayer in my head when he was speaking in tounges.

  3. *note- for those who associate repentance as a bad/shameful word. it is not. i believe it is the beginning of the power of the Lord. i think this is why John spoke to the pharisee's that day saying, "produce fruit in keeping with repentance." there was a time, not to long ago i felt that way and was a huge reason why i remained blind. it put me in a position of exaltation.. self righteousness or self importance.

  4. Amen this is true . We needa pray that the scales on the eyes of their hearts fall off . They are many being deceived by lies .. Doctrines of Devils .. As a matter of fact JESUS CHRIST in Matthew Chapter 24 , sad many will fall away from him in the last days due to offence . They can't handle truth . They reject TRUTH=JESUS CHRIST . They think correction is judging them , they think grace is a license to keep living as they want, they are quick to say God knows my heart.. it goes on and on. They are deceived and needa repent .. We must pray for the many today..

  5. This is why some church and followers are okay with Tattoos, Piercings,. indecent clothing,. 4_5 inch fake nails, etc. , all that fake hair! Oh my Jesus! And this is in the church. Twisting God's word to satisfy the flesh. Yes God is Love, IF you obey him and follow his word. I don't want no woopin from the Lord, it is good to fear the Lord. I am not sure if I will get back to a church building. Please pray for me! I am lost, God keeps me away from people. No friends, no job, no church family! I am using the time to study the Bible and am learning more on my own without someone bothering me .

  6. This "new age" movement led by a well-known tv "personality" asked a well-known tv pastor do he believe there are many ways to God? And he said, "yes, I do believe there are many ways to God." Those who sit in his mega church are being misled and will not enter in. What a shame.


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