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    I wish to share my individual prayer music. When I go into my prayer closet, this is exactly what I utilize. I hope that it will bless your life as you go deep into the worlds of praise and prayer./ Quiero compartir la musica que yo utilizo [...]
  • Contemplative Prayer, is it biblical?

    Reflective Prayer, is it scriptural?

    Numerous Christians and mainline churches are doing this Hindu and New Age Practice. This practice make an individual concentrate on themselves and not on Christ. It puts them in a modified state of awareness where demonic recommendation can [...]
  • A Centering Prayer from the Christian Contemplative Tradition

    A Centering Prayer from the Christian Reflective Custom

    In this video, sign up with Rose Freerick in a basic and brief directed meditation based in the Christian reflective practice. All you require, states Freerick, is a "desire to return," and an openness to prayer in all its types. You'll pick a [...]
  • What is Centering Prayer & How Do We Do It?

    Exactly what is Centering Prayer & How Do We Do It?

    Mary Dwyer offers a quick background of Centering Prayer then discusses this reflective Christian technique of quiet, responsive prayer. For more, see source
  • What is contemplative prayer

    Exactly what is reflective prayer

    Thomas Merton, O.C.S.O. was an American Catholic author and mystic. A Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky, he was a poet, social activist, and trainee of relative faith. James Finley left house at the age of 18 for the Abbey of [...]
  • “Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer,” 3ABN Night Light, 2012 ASI Convention

    “Spiritual Development and Reflective Prayer,” 3ABN Night Light, 2012 ASI Convention

    In an effort to shed more light on the subjects of "Spiritual Development" and "Reflective Prayer", 3ABN transmitted an unique live edition of our 3ABN Night Light program on Thursday, August 9, right away following the night program of the [...]
  • What do you think about contemplative prayer?

    Exactly what do you think of reflective prayer? source
  • The Truth About Centering Prayer – Why It’s Not Biblical

    The Reality About Centering Prayer – Why It’s Not Scriptural

    Chris Rosebrough of Combating for the Faith ( talks about a short article from Rick Warren's site promoting Reflective Centering Prayer and reveals that this practice is pagan NOT Scriptural. source
  • What Is Contemplative Prayer?

    What Is Reflective Prayer?

    What Is Reflective Prayer? How Is Reflective Prayer Linked to Soaking Prayer and the Emerging Church Motion? It is very important to very first specify "reflective prayer." Reflective prayer is not simply "pondering while you hope." The Bible [...]
  • Should Christians do Contemplative prayer?  | Yip Kok Tho

    Should Christians do Reflective prayer?|Yip Kok Tho

    Should Christians do Reflective Prayer? A type of Catholic reflective prayer called Centering Prayer teaches you to end up being god. Compare it to Hindu practices and beliefs and they equal! Video connect to the creator of Reflective [...]
  • Thomas Keating Centering Prayer Guidelines Intro

    Thomas Keating Centering Prayer Standards Introduction

    This short "The best ways to" intro to Centering Prayer is by Fr. Thomas Keating. For more information and resources on this prayer practice, have a look at Reflective Outreach at (If you want to comment, [...]
  • Contemplative Prayer Exposed

    Reflective Prayer Exposed