In this video, I check out the history of feminism and the distinctions in between each of its 3 waves.
Second-wave and first-wave feminism might have promoted gender equality, however today’s radical, third-wave feminists appear to care more about motivating man-hating than really empowering ladies.




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21 Responses to “Do Feminists Hate Guys?|Radical Third-Wave Feminism”

  1. Gabriel Tams

    First and second wave feminists were not saintly little angels. Search what Girlwriteswhat has to say about first wave feminists and Erin Pizzey about second wave feminists.

  2. AudioGardenSlave

    The only problem I have with this is that women having the same rights as men has been problematic in our society. Not ruining but, severely strangled progress. I do want women to have the same rights as men, but women are new to this scene, and in my opinion have yet to overcome their inherent negative aspects. Men have been in control for a looooooong time, and with the dawn of modern civilization, men were getting their sea legs (so to speak) for running a great new society. Women surged with wishes for egalitarianism, which men ultimately granted. But as it is now, I believe it will yet be a couple of centuries before women have found their precise niche. As it is now, women are trying to change the foundations of society with demanding rather than working in the system for things, changing gender dynamics to subvert any differentiation between the sexes, and forcing fringe opinions to be accepted no contest. I believe women were suppressed to counter their oppression. Hate me now.

  3. OmegaPyron

    Trying to tame 3rd-world feminists is pointless. They are a lost cause set on their beliefs, unable to change. Let them have their stupid word. Feminism accomplished its goal a log time ago. Now that Onision is a "Egaliatiarian", I'd steer away from that too. Fuck labels, they could have them: believe in yourself, not the radical views of movements.

  4. Gås ?

    This is fucking stupid, people saying this is feminism is not a feminist……. Feminism is about Equality, you are really messing up the world atm, you know that the society is thrashing women in first world countires, study up and take classes in sosiology please you have no idea what you are talking about. sincearly a MALE sosiology teatcher and yes i am a feminist because i belive that everybody nomadder gender, race, sexuality etc shood be threated equal and the fact is that women are not treathed as equals 100% in 2017 you have to study up and face it or atleast dont make a fucking stupid video where you talk about somehitng you know nothing about.

  5. iTheMagnificient

    What no one pays attention to is that men are discriminated against in some ways.

    If a woman is raped the rapist will probably get arrested
    If a man gets raped and you speak out you get a bunch of dumb excuses:

    You can't defend against a woman?!
    All men like sex, don't deny it!

    also when couples divorce who has the custody of the child is in favor of the woman (usually)

    Also men who divorced with women have to pay child support (even if the woman has custody which is dumb)

  6. alnot01

    The radical Second Wave, the people who led Christine Hoff Sommers to invent the term "gender feminism", definitely hated men. I refer to the writings of Robin Morgan, Marilyn French, Catherine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Shulamith Firestone, Valerie Solanas, Kate Millet, Mary Daly. The lesbians who gradually took over NOW chapters in city after city often disdained men.

  7. TheRegisteel1234

    This is why people who want equality between genders should call themselves Equalitarians (or Egalitarians, both are synonyms). It not only better fit the movement, but Feminism is and always was a group that promote the rights of women (to get equal to men or "more equal" than men). I'm nearly sure that every thing feminists did to solve men issues can be counted on your hands.

  8. luisa

    in every 11 minutes a female is murder in brazil (my country). every day there is news about a cop, a rich dad, a politician, a teacher(all born males of course) who rape and kill woman. i totally understand third wavve and i dont see it as a hating every man on earth based on nothing, i see it as "we hate male violence" or "i dont trust man" which is, based on statistics, reasonable.

  9. Crazy Biscuit

    It is like some radical feminists act like men have different brains, particularly in the complex thinking region, WE DON'T, WE ARE THE SAME SPECIES, gender barely matters in society.

  10. World Recipe of Life

    Advocate equal opportunities and avert inequities, but inequality is a fact of life. there are differences in these terms. we should be born with equal life, liberty, unalienable rights, opportunities, and the pursuit of happiness, but we are not born equal. striving for equality limits liberty. for example, if i am born blind, taking one eye from you and implanting it in me would make us equal.

  11. KatieLouGaming

    I'm a feminist, but I don't hate men nor think any of that third wave stuff. I just want equality for everyone, everywhere. I recognize that there are bad apples in the bunch, but that won't stop me from being a feminist. Bad people like feminazis won't deture me from calling myself a feminist, because I believe in it, and won't let them tarnish it. I will defend it from them and the nay sayers. Thanks for recognizing we are not all man haters.

  12. Seb

    Though it did not achieve nationhood until 1907, the colony of New Zealand was the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in, but not stand for, parliamentary elections in 1893, followed closely by the colony of South Australia in 1894 (which, unlike New Zealand, also allowed women to stand for Parliament). In Sweden, conditional women's suffrage was granted during the age of liberty between 1718 and 1772.
    Just some cool information I wanted to share ^^

  13. Bellovic Bellovic

    I have had only lesbian relationships since i was in my teens. And I stay away from women who say they hate men. based on past experience, women who hate men are compensating for something, just like those pastors who are gaybashers, every single woman that i have dated/been in contact with who says she hates men, secretly love men.

    There is no way you can be that obsessed with men and constantly want their validation/attention and still claim you hate them. I learned that the hard way.


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