The 144,000 of guide of Discovery

The 144,000 of guide of Discovery
An Analysis
In Discovery phase 6 knowledgeables 9 via 11, at the splitting of the 5th seal, we see a vision of “those who have been slain” for 2 factors:
● Words of God.
● The statement they had actually birthed.
These are hearts of human beings that had actually won numerous others to belief in Jesus, throughout their earthly life time.

As these cry out to the Lord to retaliate their blood, a voice informs them to wait on 2 points to take place:
● Till the “number” their other “servants” be total.
● Till those be eliminated as they themselves had actually been.
These human beings in paradise are to be changed in the world by a particular variety of others that will certainly proceed with winning others to belief in Jesus.

In Discovery 7:3 via 9, we discover 2 realities concerning such “servants” of God:
● There will certainly be precisely 144,000 of them, 12,000 from each people of the boys of Israel.
● They are to be secured on their temples by angels.
Being Messianic Jews, these 144,000 continue to be unique from“a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes, peoples and languages.”

In Discovery 14:1 via 5, every one of the 144,000 show up vocal singing in paradise, complying with Jesus anywhere he goes. We discover 2 features of these guys:.
● They had actually talked fact without existing or mistake.
● They had actually stayed ethically blameless.
Inning Accordance With Discovery 13: 15, these 144,000, as well as others, will certainly have been killed by the end-times Monster.

In Discovery 20:4 via 6, we predict those which the Monster had actually had actually eliminated:.
● They had neither venerated the Monster neither got the Monster’s mark.
● They had actually been beheaded for their statement as well as for words of God.
● They are to climb back to life as well as to rule with Jesus Christ for a thousand years.

Recap of the 144,000 of guide of Discovery:.
● They will certainly all be Messianic Jews from all twelve people.
● They will certainly talk no lie as well as will certainly continue to be ethically blameless.
● They will certainly win wide ranges of others to belief in Jesus.
● They will certainly choose not to prayer the Monster or to get his mark.
● They will certainly be eliminated as well as their hearts will certainly most likely to Jesus.
● Jesus will certainly increase them back to life, when He goes back to planet.
● They will certainly rule with Jesus for a thousand years.

The 144,000 will certainly state words of God as well as affirm concerning Jesus throughout the 42 months that God’s “two witnesses” inhabit the 3rd Jewish holy place at Jerusalem.
Are you Jewish? If so, after that you might place your belief in Messiah Jesus currently, therefore prepare to end up being among the 144,000
Are you not Jewish? You, also, might place your belief in Messiah Jesus, therefore influence his coming Kingdom.


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  1. Pretty sad that out of 8billion yes i said 8billion people in this world only 144000 left of the hebrew promise only 144000 wake up my hebrew promised choosen people im realizing there is only 144000 of us left in this flat earth we live in im so excited no more bondage no more tears im going to be with my bridegroom forever im a hebrew bride waiting for her groom

  2. The Lord Yeshua has told me twice I was from the tribe of levite and the tribe of Judah. He also told me I was from the house of David. My mom had a DNA test done and found out she is part Ashkenazi Jew. The Lord told me I was part of the 144000. I am a female. Born again since 1980. He has been courting me and teaching me consistently for over a year and a half.

  3. The Globalists will inform us mid-Sept. 2015 that there is a meteor/asteroid approaching USA & they must use Nuclear Weapons to minimize damage. Yet the asteroid/meteor story is a complete lie! Nuclear weapons will trigger a massive tsunami on the East and West Coast, which will be 100% man made. The event is a False Flag to usher in Martial Law. Once everyone's homes are destroyed they will push the population into FEMA Camps. Like Hotel California: you can never leave and the food is poisoned.

  4. First and foremost, to be Jewish is to be of Judah, or Benjamin by their own declaration, but it is not Israel.  For there are 12 Tribes which complete them, and Judaism has never accepted Christ. 

    Israel is a people not a land, and the Land is but a State of People who call themselves Jews! 

    Secondly, they are Gathered from the 4 Corners of Heaven and Earth, so this tells us that not all are here on the earth any longer, or at least not then, and yet to be gathered from Earth, even those Redeemed of it, does not equate that the Beast kills them.  The Multitude are not the Saints and the Saints are not the Elect!  Anyone can be a Saint if they can step out of the Pit, for a Saint is not a Righteous man, or woman, until they do.  The Pious would either be the Multitude or those left behind to stand on that Day he Appears in the Clouds with all his Glory, with his Saints.  The 144,000 will be atop Mt. Zion, for they are the Walls of the City of New Jerusalem. 

    Bless you! 

    I-Ron, House of Manasseh, Air of Christ, 666