That are the 144,000? A Discovery 14:4 Greek word research study

I discuss that the 144,000 are utilizing the a Greek word research study in Discovery 14:4.


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  1. hi brother, your word study is interesting but I am more persuaded by the official translation of this passage in the KJV. In fact, both the KJV and a direct Greek rendering give exactly the same meaning…

    "These are they which were not defiled with women; FOR they are virgins…" (KJV)
    "these are they who with women were not defiled, FOR they are virgins…" (MOUNCE GREEK)

    I see no evidence here that God's Word makes the opening clause an affirmation of male-female relationships but rather that, by using the second clause as a qualifier, it says they are not defiled for they are virgins.

    Note use of the Greek gar (G1063) translated for to connect these two ideas, without any hint that the Greek parthenos (virgin) has a double meaning. Time will will tell if these are young Hebrew men called to go out and subdue the nations as I believe them to be, we just have to wait and see…. Jesus bless you brother.

  2. Kevin, I was pleased that you "debunked" the teaching that the Rev 12:5 child = the 144,000 and that there will be a mid-tribulation rapture of the 144,000. If you could share more on debunking these teachings in the future that would be great. I know many sincere believers who insist that the Rev 12:5 child refers to the 144,000 and are being misled. In Him, Bill

  3. @ Kevin Hoekman: Revelation 14:4 is not talking about "men" or males exclusively! 3739. hos, hé, ho = who, which, what, that … and: 3778. houtos, hauté, touto = this, he, she, it
    So imho the meaning is "them/those" i.e. they can be men, women and children.

  4. 144.000 = those who are not (figuratively) defiled … 3933 parthénos: believers when they are pure (chaste), i.e. faithful to Christ their heavenly Bridegroom (2 Cor 11:2; Rev 14:4). (biblehub > parallel > Greek)
    Yep, nothing to do with literal marriage or sexual relationships here on earth.

  5. Revelation 14: 4 the last part of the verse has been speculated that these are the children two years old and under that Herod slew, Matthew 2: 16-18 (kjv) the area covered that of all 12 tribes. Jeremiah 31: 15-17 the fulfilment spoken of. Jeremiah 31: 17 …thy children shall come again to their own border. prophecy of the 144,000?

  6. Hi Kevin, I just saw this and want to look at it more in depth myself from the Greek, but I did have an instant first impression. What if the woman who would be doing the spiritual polluting is Israel? Meaning, Messianic or other Jews that are in the company of the woman (the rest of Israel, like the woman of Rev. 12) but is not tainted by the Rabbinical, Talmud, Kaballah, etc. spiritual mess because they've been called out away from Israel to follow the Messiah. I've always thought the 144,000 were natural Israelites but distinct from the rest and would be a witness to the rest of Israel. . I could be way off base and need to study this out…just food for thought I guess.