That are the 144,000 in Discovery?

Quick clip from the 2010 Tikkun Seminar clarifying that the 144,000 remain in Discovery.


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  1. Doesn't make sense right well what this dude is lying about doesn't either!! The Bible clearly explains that there men and women who are living on earth through out the centuries that have been anointed with holy spirit God's Holy Spirit to rule with Christ as kings and priests to govern over the earth in the new system on the paradise earth these anointed ones will be swept away during the great tribulation to heaven which makes sense as co rulers because they are very familiar with the tendencies of humans. the myriad of angels in heaven can't do these things because they didn't live here on earth these are in fact the 144000 that the Bible talks about this is why you have to meditate on what the Bible is trying to relate. God gave us his word to reprove to set things straight and it is a guide for us to live by. It has nothing to do with the jewish nation, The Jews are no longer a nation of God since the first century when they killed Jesus and refused him as the true messiah.

  2. Isaiah 61 is Messiahs message to the 144,000 and why he read from it proclaiming the Kingdom of God. They too will be anointed, so this passage will apply to them, but now the 144 will keep reading to include the word vengeance and all the chapter to reveal who God says they are and their mission and divine appointment with God: two sticks will become one in his hand on the Great Day of Jezreel in the valley of decision. "The Houses of Judah and Israel will never again be two nations, I the Lord have spoken it and will do it, and the heathen will marvel when I glorify myself in their sight" " The planting of the Lord so he might be glorified ". Isaiah 61,60, 62-66…hosea 1, Ezekiel 36, 37…and Ezekiel 38, 39 when the House of Israel is back in the land burying the bodies of Gogs army for 7 months and burning their weapons for 7 years.

  3. finally someone who is preaching truth.
    thats one of my pet peeves i had with the jehovah witnesses. they also say that god rejected the jews and replaced them with the "gov body". what a load of crap.
    thanx for the upload