7 Churches in Discovery & Angels of One Of The Most High

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  1. Shalom IUIC, Peace be unto you and Grace and Mercy. Yah bless you all. If it wasn't for you all I would still think I'm an African. I wouldn't be seeing the importance of the law. You all are very good at the torah. But: I believe Yah will accept gentiles in the kingdom. Read Matthew 8:11, Romans 3 and Galatians 3:28. And also when you all use Matthew 15:24 and Matthew 10:6 remember: "To the Jew First and then the Greek". In Acts 10 Jews and Gentiles united read verse 28. So in conclusion what am I saying: Are we equal to the Gentiles: No. We are still chosen people and have the most high favor, promised favor of Deu 28. (Verse 1-15). I hope you all saw this. Though the Gentiles have oppressed us some are good: just give them a chance. They dare not do anything to us knowing their privilege of being saved among us. Again Shalom.

  2. Brothers they set up a sting to catch Jonns going in and out of Chinese Massage Parlors down here in South East Texas. But Guess who they Busted on Kandi Camera, These Sorry Ass undercover Perverted Peckerwoods Police getting Oral sex . and not one of them was prosecuted. Think about it Brothers and sisters


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