Research of The 7 Churches – Guide of Discovery Phases 2-3 (2017)

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  1. Hello Sean how are you this is Brother Leonard from Removing the Veil ,I also have a YouTube channel and I teach the Book of Revelation verse for verse. I was reading I was looking through your video on 7 churches because I myself are doing 7 churches and you had asked the question yourself about Satan's seat and where he dwelleth and you mentioned a place it's not a place what we have to realize with Christ meant by that is because of the simple fact that the Babylonians their headquarters was the exact region established by the Babylonians and you know the Babylonians did not believe in Christianity at all, but the Babylonian religious headquarters were in pergamos and therefore they infiltrated Christianity so they literally were perched on the doorstep of the devil's headquarters or Satan seat literally their throne so that's what He meant when Christ says Satan seat. Also Shawn did you know the name pergamos is the same route from which we get our English word bigamy or polygamy what's this signifies is a mixed marriage of the church and the world oh glory to God.

  2. when you read the bible you sound so self righteous

    God does not save the faithful out of tribulations. Think you are more worthy than the ones who where thrown to lions or tortured and not renounced their faith, maybe you think the saints where lukewarm?

    You think being a Christian is about rewards? crowns? No, you love god, you don't do it for future rewards.

    I'm not sure if I've got it right too, but I think focusing on rewards, how better you are than the sinful rest is not what we should be doing.

  3. Hey Shaun I was gonna ask you if you would ever do a video on what the Bible says about the earth. There is a lot of talk about the earth being flat and honestly looking at verses in the Bible it would seem the Bible supports this theory but it is a really hard topic to talk about and to research. Anyways I just didn't know if you had a thought about it thanks for your videos you have really blessed my life have a good day.

  4. That`s the Problem with the Protestants. They make their own interpretation, because they have no roots. You are seperated yourself from te tree. Don`t you know. I´m mean it`s good to gather and be filled with the holy spirit. But what if the spirit goes away? What do you have? Prayer, maybe! Do you pray the right way or as you wish? Everything is possible with God. Luke 18,27, but don`t fool yourself. The devil can cause feelings, that make you think you`re on the right way. Could be a bad awykening.Take the narrow part.

    I heard about a special place for protestants in heaven, but of course I don`t know. 🙂

    I`d like to remind all so to speak evangelicals of John 20,23. Read it!! And stop talking, please.

  5. Thanks for this video and look forward to future vids re The Book of Revelation. I am an ex catholic now follower of Christ. I was led out of of that false religion called Catholicism when the Holy Spirit told me to " Come out of her, my people lest ye partake of her sins.." Rev 18:4. After reading The Revelation ten times now, I interpret these chapters just like Truthfed. I want to encourage you Truthfed to continue these series of vids and may God bless you. Thanks!

  6. John wrote one letter (the whole book of Revelation) to send to all literal 7 Hebrew (Jewish) synagogues. Please quote me one phrase that in anyway sounds gentile in nature… the whole of the book is Jewish in nature, idioms, sayings, customs even down to the very literal synagogues (not church as we know it) etc.

  7. hey Shaun, I am an Israelite which you know, I been on your channel for ages.

    I don't understand what you meant by the Hebrew people are going through some one else , who??? could you please explain that a bit more one day I don't know who you are speaking of. Thanks

  8. i feel and wonder if Jesus is talking about the whole of churchyanity the whole sunday worship lie has blinded the harvest into a club of osas lukeworm we are all gunna flote into the sky slackers whose love of money and the THINGS of this world far exeeds the first and second commandment hence JESUS worns us come out of here my people GOD BLESS


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