The 7 Churches of Discovery (ALL that have the Holy Spirit are GOING in the RAPTURE!!!)


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  1. I think it could be that the 5 foolish virgins could be those who believed that Jesus PAVED THE WAY but didn't really believe that He was THE ONLY WAY to salvation. I've heard Opra Winfrey say that Jesus is not the only way to salvation but that He opened the way only and she also said that blatantly there are many ways to heaven and that Jesus is not the only way. I believe she is misleading many and is being a huge stumbling block to people who would otherwise come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. These people will not have the Holy Spirit or the oil necessary to have been transformed by the renewing of their minds to really have been truly born again as Christ told Nicodemus he must be in order to enter the Kingdom of heaven. These people who did not really believe that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life will be part of those 5 virgins who were denied entrance through the door to heaven.


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