The 7 Churches of Discovery as well as the 7 Angels

An end time prophet is guaranteed ahead. Prayerfully, he will certainly show up in 2017!
The 7 churches of Discovery as well as the 7 angels (carriers):.
First age Ephesus – Pentecost.
Carrier: Apostle Paul.
Second age Smyrna – 100 ADVERTISEMENT.
Feasible Carriers: Polycarp, Irenaeus.
Third age Pergamos – 313 ADVERTISEMENT.
Feasible Carrier: St. Martin of Tours.
Fourth age Thyatira -517
Feasible Carrier: Columba.
Fifth age Sardis -1517
Feasible Carrier: Martin Luther.
Sixth age Philadelphia -1739
Feasible Carrier: John Wesley.
7th age Laodicea -1906
Carrier: End Time Prophet.


By George Chuang.


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  1. George I have a question, In Mathew 24:31 If we are already on the sea of glass waiting to come back with Yeshua on our White horses. Then who are the elect that Yeshua has to gather from one end of heaven to the other and the four winds?? Are we not all with Him already?

  2. I've been watching your videos for the longest time thanks for being there for those who need a wake up call. Stay true to the Lord be forever in prayer, and continue to be a light in the darkness of this age. In Jesus name amen.

  3. 7 letters to 7 Congregations not Churches. Your choice Pope (Fake Jesus Christ Church)
    Or Yahshua Messiah Temple and Congregations)
    Christians persecuting Jews and Saints still exist.
    Chrislam is already here.
    Church is idolatry.
    Stop practice Christianity laws that practice whore gay Insurance human sacrifice abortion and fees for Mark of beast.
    Go back to God's laws and his commands where our forefathers fought for God for our freedom. We must obey God's laws and his commands not obey men's Christianity laws (social workers, Federal workers, police, NSA, CIA, etc all against God's laws)
    We need soldiers, elders, judges, congregation, all obey God's laws.
    Gun law, abortion law, ID law all bad laws they think bad is good. Deceptions.
    Do read Bible but beware of Christian version.
    Don't go to Church!
    God requires 3 or more people to make one congregation either public or private.
    Father bless you
    Saint James

  4. George, it's time you recognized St. Paul of Tarsus as an archetype of yourself in terms of how he persecuted the Christians and so the Church of his ancient era, in which case you revile the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ: You need to be knocked off your high horse (if only for a time, since your zeal is admirable and likely of potentially great service to the Elijahn witness to come): But you had me fooled up till now, since you show in the above video that you fail to recognize that the spirit of Jezebel is to be recognized as the pagan novelists and scriptwriters of the secular media:

    These are the contemporary false prophets and atheistic secular novel writers whose works are produced as films and TV pilots proving to be innumerable false prophecies or influential messages which engineer a godless and ultimately destructive short-term futures following which no future exists at all for such people: Their false prophecies are conveyed via innumerable television and motion picture productions which influence people to commit fornication and all else that is immoral. They thusly engineer a godless character and society which lacks the values and vision of God's Word, will, truth and laws of love "for lack of which the people lose (if they ever had) moral restraint, and they perish"! (Proverbs 29:18)

    It is said that "the future is determined by the character of those who shape it", and this is true and somewhat Biblically confirmed by the verse that says "As a man thinks, that he is"; and so if a devil-serving person has an influential means to convey evil communications he will cause a misshapen evil character in those who listen to him, even influencing people to abort their children, thusly aborting their own future, as many will soon experience, too late to change their direction via the godly stewardship of their talents an resources:

    So come on, George: I'm really disappointed in you! You commit sacrilege against the Mother of Jesus Christ! And you tell a devil's lie against and you do the Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ, a serious injustice! How do you think Jesus is going to treat you when judgment day arrives for you and you say, like other "I prophesied in your name, etc.etc." but who get condemned NOT for doing good but for doing the right things for the wrong reason, the wrong motivation (for self-ended fame and fortune): So that in condemning His Mother you are doing the WRONG thing to begin with for the right reason (preaching), thinking you can do evil that good may come of it, which St. Paul forbid, and you thusly undermine what good you actually do achieve and mislead people, thusly perpetuating division among Christians who should be edifying one another!

    (By the way, Catholics do NOT worship Mary, and those who say they do are telling a devil's distortively destructive lie: Catholics KNOW that Mary is in Heaven with God, her Son, and her Spouse, the Holy Spirit whom you are dangerously close to blaspheming in saying that Jesus' Holy Mother who is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit is one who influences people to fornicate! -when in fact, if you will bother to do any research about her, you will find that she teaches purity: And she implicitly, Biblically told each of us – when she instructed the assistants to the wine steward at the wedding feast in Canaan – "Do whatever He (Jesus) tell you to do." (Paraphrased.) That is, she says to us each "Obey Jesus!" Who said "Teach them to obey all the commands I gave you!" (NOT JUST the Ten Commandments but the many other commands Jesus gave: Just study the red lettering of His words in certain Bibles and underline those many commands.)

    The Blessed Mother of Christ IS most certainly in Heaven with her Son and who still has His ear and that of the Father – as at Cana – to intercede for the needs of people who ask her for help: This is like asking you or anyone on earth to pray for you, to the Father in her Son's name. What's the difference? Well, actually the difference is that I am taking a chance with you since you are on earth and still subject to being mistaken and sinful and capable of forgetting to pray for me, whereas Mary is in Heaven with the Lord in timeless eternity where time and space are relative to God and those who are with Him, so that they can all see as He sees, forward and back in time and more accessible all at once to the appeals of any number of people than the internet browser is accessible to what you put in it in appeal for information! (Continued above or here somewhere.)

  5. I think it is interesting how you referred to Mary. Maybe you could do a video on the fatima prophesy. God has put it on my heart that this prophecy was not from him. It seems to be an "inverted truth". Ie the prophesy talks about the fall of the Catholic church, so they see the forerunner as the anti christ. I believe it will be Elijah who destroys the church of the world so that GOD'S church can be restored. God bless.

  6. Was it prior to or later-on that we got to know or learn about John the Baptist? When the old testament finalizes with the prediction of turning the hearts from the children to the fathers and the fathers to the children, wouldn't it be appropriate to expect this forerunner has much to do with information and communication between people and knowledge of the truth increasing? Not only is this miracle here, happening right now (growing the last half year when it pleases, except in China perhaps) but people will also just ignore prophets and miracles. The churches flourish because they do not accept any change in opinion or tradition. A person not being enjoyable won't get known worldwide. It really is the Internet and when possible, the people behind that. I remember someone really paying a lot of money and doing a lot to become one of the first Internet adapters. Internet is not a part of nature. Thanks to them it isn't any problem to learn about the many mistakes one could make in religious matter and the truth about even obscure verses. Truth grows among people being interested and yes, even about the time Jesus would re-appear. This is a forerunner as good as it gets and perhaps a united prophet or prophecy when it is seen as one expression. You on the other hand seem to get more mad, probably knowing mankind will not turn to each-others hearts the least, when being not aware of anything when the end comes. It is sort of contradiction to believe a hero will come, in warning people and setting things straight, while it would be like in the days of Noah doing every day's business and people are going to notice that only a few of them will be accepted. So there will be no people on world wide television (I don't even have one anymore) or performing miracles so others will get their act straight (opposite will happen, pray for them).

  7. The Seventh Church Age Messenger is the Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6 and the Seventh Angel (angel means messenger) of Revelation 10:7. That Prophet-Messenger has already came, brought his Message, and is now gone. God vindicated this messenger to be His Voice to out age, and that vindicated prophet of God is Brother William Marrion Branham.

  8. Thank you brother, that was very cool to learn. I haven't gotten to Revelation yet (am in Ephesians) but very doubtful I would have interpreted what was being said even with the holy spirit. Very cool that Jesus recognizes all the different stages of the Church and tells about the positive changes and the faults from each church. I'm very excited about living in the time of the 7th church though my church is definitely not a mega church and we're not receiving a prosperity Gospel, whew. You have a gift brother of relaying scripture in a sincere and understandable way and entertaining, sorry. Thank you for making this video and look forward to watching more.

  9. Dear George: I never heard of the 7 churches explained like you did…it mostly makes sense, but I always thought that there were 7 churches scattered thoughout Asia Minor with those very same names…..if one were thinking on your terms, would not PHILADELPHIA be in the USA? I'd like to read up some on this topic, do you have particular references? Thanks praise the lord, keep up the passion in the Name of Jesus!

  10. Good overview however i do feel your being disingenuous regarding the 7th Angel messenger. Humble yourself, Just tell the people the truth and don't shy from it otherwise your candle might be snuffed out.

  11. The seven churches of Revelation and the seven angels (messengers):

    1st age Ephesus – Pentecost
    Messenger: Apostle Paul
    Paul in Bible (

    2nd age Smyrna – 100 AD
    Possible Messengers: Polycarp, Irenaeus

    3rd age Pergamos – 313AD
    Possible Messenger: St. Martin of Tours

    4th age Thyatira – 517
    Possible Messenger: Columba

    5th age Sardis – 1517
    Possible Messenger: Martin Luther

    6th age Philadelphia – 1739
    Possible Messenger: John Wesley

    7th age Laodicea – 1906
    Messenger: Not yet revealed by God
    ( The one that will rain down fire to earth, The Last Messenger before rapture, after his service, Two Witness will come ! )

    Dont tell me that im not warning all of you ! Repent ! Time is short, PRAISE AND WORSHIP to He who is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS , PRAISE AND WORSHIP TO GOD OF Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, GOD OF ISRAEL whom i serve. He is coming sooner !

  12. Great work brother!! All of your videos are amazing!!! When God does raise his prophet Elijah your blessings will come sevenfold… I'm from the city of three crosses New Mexico and love your teachings! God bless.

  13. Brother George I'm truly blessed by your teaching. I will have to re-listen and take notes in my Bible about these church age. I'm in Ecuador and funds are extremely low, but I will pray earnestly for you according to James 5:16 -17 … The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.17 Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. AMEN!

  14. My son shared this with me on his Face Book page and I had to come to You Tube and subscribe brother…I like the way you teach.. there is no pretense here… just humility and humbleness… God bless you, this was an excellent teaching on the 7 churches.. thank you for breaking it all down for me. Agape love in Christ – Maranatha!

  15. This is what I think the seven church's are about. This is just my interpretation. These seven church's are mindsets that are within us today to describe. When John sent these letters he sent them to certain church's that possessed these mindsets at the time which today still exist within all of us. Those seven church's back then were used as an example since again they possessed them back then. When I read the seven church's I say to myself "yes I'm like that"…"no I'm not like that"..".I should be like that"…"I should not be like that". Then later in time when I read the church's again I sometimes find myself thinking differently of how I thought about them before. Something I agreed with before I next discover I am not behaving like that anymore. My thoughts and reasonings change lets say because of the ups and downs in life?

  16. Hi George I am so delighted to have become a patron and I pray many brothers and sisters will support this great ministry , we need good teachers in these times . May god reveal many truths and wisdom to you God bless you ???????????????? if you ever want to come to Ireland me and my husband be delight to have you ????????

  17. how do you think its going to happen are you one of them fools that believe a rapture is a boat coming to pick you up no.

    it is a rapper that will rapture the youth with his clever delivery of words and truths that will remove the hip hop hold that is on your children ……..and humbly i am here and have all ready begun ………. dont trust the words trust the heart for it knows truth if you are of the father who is truth

  18. thank you for keeping me safe with your lack of knowledge. you absolutely are not of the father if you dare refere to the most high as the lord. john did not know he was elijah but i know i am who i am cause i ask i am to send me ……. behold no man seeith the father unless holiness be in him. and church is the body …the body is your temple if you keep it full of holiness you would know that the lord is ball a god below my father no one is above him in the name of yeheshua

  19. but no man ever spoke like this man, only one Jesus, but the end time prophet will speak with a demonstration of the spirit and power, for the spirit of the Lord of hosts will fill that man, hes coming soon, he will be introduced with FiRe.


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