The 7 seals of Discovery have actually currently begun, completion is near…
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  1. I see now, I have Pastors mad at me. Some of my family not speaking to me. But I know I’m not alone, I have the Most High Yah on my side. In my walk, I had a good friend call me today. Because he thought I lost my way, and my mind. Because of the things he saw me posting on my social media pages. He was like what happened to that lovely Sabrina? Who use to spread the love of Christ? I told him I woke up, he said I was Cult like now lol. But anyway I just wanna thank you my Brother & Sister. I’ve been learning a lot, All Praises to the Most High Yah! For waking me up to this TRUTH!

  2. I know that's Right! You better get away from em! Cause they'll do you in Every Time! They will tell you one thing and know good and Well, it's a lie and they plan to do something entirely different. And do not come to them and tell them that one of them did something to you and expect justice from them. They'll hold up for em every time! I only had that happen Once, that the person looked into it and saw or rather actually cared what was really happening! And that was when I worked at House of Raeford, chicken plant and this man got me out of the department I was in, because the woman there who was the supervisor of that department had it on for me. And I mean she Had it in for Me! Him and the woman both, were white! And he got me out too! But do you know that man got demoted afterwards. I asked him if it was because of me and told him that I was sorry! He said they did him a favor, because he was tired of all the hard work he had to do in that department. Praise YAH!

  3. I seen a shooting star 3 weeks ago. Its going all over the world. I was in NY for the earthquake 2011 and they just had one over a week a go. Yea. I use to watch 100 too. I remember this video i seen it last Jan and now at end of year thing are getting more intense. Shalom

  4. The armour of God is given us by God … but He does not put it on you! He gives you the sword even the sheath but you must apply it.

    In Deut 6:8-9 God teaches us to apply The Word/Ten Commandments. In the prophets we are given both hands and the heart. In the N.T. we are given the breastplate and belt and feet.

    The Spirit is words. Jesus tells us His words are spirit and they are life. To put on the spirit is to put on the Word of God (Ten Commandments), and the Word of Jesus (Sermon on the Mount). Learning to keep the Commandments the way God describes, will preserve our life and allow us to have the Law and Testimony we need for the coming days.

    When we lived only among brethren, we didn't need armour like we do today when we no longer know our enemy. We were told NOT to let the world overcome us. We don't need a gun, we need The Word from The Father and The Son. Get in the heart and mind of God. God will protect you while He fights our fight for us.

    If one believes, they will do as they are told. If I told you I will give you all the money you need, would you follow the directions to get to me?

    Jesus came to save a world God loves. He did not fail. As bad as some things look, we must continue to see forward. To look up and see the Kingdom of God and reach for it.

    The spirit of Jezebel is the spirit of setting up false witnesses to destroy others. A lot like the _______s?

  5. My fellow Hebrew Israelite's, its time to let go of this jesus character, the greek bible(new testament) and all religions. We're Hebrew Israelite's by blood, no where in The Hebrew Bible(The Old Testament) does it mention religion. Also, no where in The Hebrew Bible does it mention this jesus character, nor does it mention any man being our savior for that matter. In fact, there is not one book from the greek bible that was found in the dead sea scrolls, not one! What these christains like to do is say that jesus is probably an anointed one or an angel within The Hebrew Bible but can't prove it unless they refer to their greek bible which contradicts our Hebrew Bible. We must understand that this jesus character from the greek bible fairy tale was forced on our ancestors as slaves and even to this day our people continue to follow this false doctrine. I don't blame any of my fellow Hebrew Israelite brothers and sisters for being brainwashed because we're currently living out the curse of Deuteronomy as foretold by The Most High.

    In our Hebrew Bible(The Old Testament) it says:
    Deuteronomy 28:36, "The Lord will lead you and your king whom you will have established over you, to a nation unknown to you or your fathers; and there, you will serve other deities made of wood and [stone]."

    In their greek bible(the new testament) it says:
    1 Peter 2:4, "Come to jesus, the [stone] that lives."
    -new century version(ncv)

  6. Matthew chapter 24 describes the events. We can see that 5 of the seven seals had been opened.
    Number 1. Deception
    Number 2. No peace. Wars & rumors of war.
    Number 3. Famine
    Number 4. Death thru war, deceases etc
    Number 5. Christians being matyred. Great persecution of Jesus' followers all over the world.
    The sixth has not happened yet because according to that Matthew 24 again, what Jesus said has not happened yet.

  7. The stars falling from heaven are those that die and are of Satan, which is going to be thrown to the earth when the heaven are shaken and Satan also, and there will be silence in heaven, but woe to the inhabitance of the earth because Satan and his angels

  8. . The reason they don't see it because they have eyes to see and ears to can I see ears to hear but cannot understand when you don't have the Holy Spirit but a religious spirit you don't understand what yah trying to show you plus they keep waiting on the media to give them the answer


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