Daniel’s 70 th Week QED – timeline presentation 1260, 1335, 1290 days, 42 months, Antichrist

Passages from Priest Steven Anderson’s Discovery collection phases 02 & 10, showing the timeline of occasions in future End Times Holy bible Prediction, throughout Daniel’s 70 th Week of 7 Hebrew fiscal year.

See the entire collection below–https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4oPLNtP6_ec2ac_ZsujgtcjoPNBwVFET

See my After the Adversity take another look at below–http://www.youtube.com/embed/nw-jWq4JRj4


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  1. Good thing the locust that inflict pain for 5 months is not mentioned here cause it might conflict with the timeline outlined in this video. But would inquire how it could fit if one might be so inclined. Still learning in part until that which is perfect is come. Amen

  2. 'Barak' is he who comes in the name of the Lord (as Obama arrived on the donkey mascot of the Democratic party) on Nisan 10 (like Jesus did) on 3/21/13! They have been pronouncing 'barak' like this for thousands of years on Nisan 10, etc., pronouncing his arrival all this time! (The pronunciation of 'blessed' is 'barak' in Hebrew).

    Jesus said: "I see 'Baraq' as satan falling from heaven." Jesus pronounced 'lightning' as 'baraq' when he said this (same pronunciation in Hebrew or Aramaic).

    The abomination and covenant with many has apparently already happened. On March 22, 2013, Obama stood in a holy place in Jerusalem at an event called "brit amim" that means alliance/covenant with many. Exactly 1260 days before this, his Nobel Peace Prize was announced.

    "Trump" could be the "Trump" sounding.

    Go to http://www.ChurchRapture.com for more amazing facts.

  3. Can you please explain something? If there is an extra five days a year to compensate for the difference then wouldn't it be 35 days for 7 years, instead of 30 days? The math's not working for me, I must be missing something. Help me out here. : )

  4. I've done a lot of research into end-times and posted my own findings about the 70th-week.
    …It seems like everyone who reads the KJV and takes scripture literally all agree on some major end-times events;
    (1) The 70th week starts with the 'covenant with many' made by the anti-Christ
    (2) Tribulation & God's-wrath are different.
    (3) The abomination of desolation starts the great-tribulation.
    (4) Jesus comes to rapture the Church immediately after the great-tribulation.
    (5) God's wrath is poured out on Earth after the Church is taken to Heaven.

    23:32, interestingly, I missed these dates. They make a strong case for a 75-day great-tribulation.

  5. No, it does not alter the Prediction of the book of Revelation, but what it does show that the Old testament was not just allegory stories. It's prediction in Daniel 9:24-27 the 70×7 years were spot on its chronological years according to Gods prophetic Time clock. We in hind sight can now see that Jesus Would Die 486 half years 3 half years before the 490 prophetic years expired his death in AD30.The present Jews can now also see that Jesus was the predicted Messiah. Paul stated this by saying without Christ death and resurrection there is no Christian faith this whole prophecy is centered around this and not any other interpretation of the Bible important as they may be. Boris.

  6. Dear Pastor Mussche, I enjoy your talks, please see my 40 minutes talk Boris Dobra on google home page where I challenged 70 universities and all the near Eastern studies they imposed 79 false years that the sun never shone upon and thus confused all the sacred narratives in the books Daniel Nehemiah, Ezra and Esther. God bless Boris Dobra

  7. We are already raised in Christ by spirit…we are already seated in heavenly places NOW and that was in the twinkling of an eye. The saved have gone through the tribulation in Christ but the damned will be TWICE DEAD and will actually experience the great tribulation due to not being HID IN CHRIST…it is continuous throughout time because people all have Christ come to them IN HIS SAINTS! How the hell anyone saved if Jesus didn't come to the door and KNOCK?

  8. Boris Dobra
    The reason for my 40 minutes tutorial talk. God reveals his secrets to servants the prophets like he did to Noah. only two men correctly understood that the Old Testament had its own BC chronology line of BC years of 3589 An Hom years from the creation of Adam to the decree of king Cyrus which starts the 490-year prophecy,. these men were Martin Anteys and Phillip Mauro and they revealed in their work you do not need Archeologist Astronomys or the second century Claudius Ptolemy who determined 205 years for the Persian reign which has been accepted by 99%of modern Chronologist. The OldTestament allows only 126 years for the Persian reign. This is the most important study to determined which king decree commenced the 70-year prophecy of Daniel 9: 24-27.. see my talk on google Boris Dobra the greatest gift on the home page. regards B Dobra.


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