Babylon Holy Bible Prediction ISIS Keys Disclosed

The Reality Holy Bible Pupils have actually been looking for:


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  1. Very good message and interpretations…this is truth! Jesus Christ said to Nicodemus that he must be born again! Salvation is the only way to Heaven! Acts2:38 Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Salvation! Peter told the people this. Person's gathered on the day of Pentecost received this!

  2. Israel is the Mystery Babylon- ! The woman with the sun and moon and stars over her head in Revelation 12- Is Josephs dream- Genesis 37- Why that Beast is going to befriend her first but really hates her then going to burn her- The woman drunk with the blood of the saints? Where not just false religions but religions started- When there is just 1 God- Prepare this war is about to take offfffffffffffffffffffffffff ! That strong delusion God was warning us of that was coming that is already here and unfolding preparing to take off ! Why the world going to need Jesus- ! Your only weapon in this war- !

  3. The Christian churches in Scotland and England SHARE their dedicated houses of God with Islamic worshippers ! They permit them to pray ,read their Koran and have Arabic religious writings in and around church buildings… disgraceful religious adulterers !

  4. This is absolutely a wrong representation of Bible prophecy. Babylon the Great Harlot doesn't mean one religion. And it is not just Islam. Yes it is true that many believes in religions are gotten from ancient Babylon. But the Harlot described in the book of revelation is not concentrated in one city but a worldwide entity.Islam is not the only religion that can be said to be false. Christendom is also a false religion bcos it has also adopted false religious practices from ancient Babylon. So it is fitting then why God said that the judgment will start from his house. This mystery woman therefore is The World's Empire Of False religious practices. Now the beast that she sits upon is the world political entity which is the United Nations which is the image of the original wild beast in revelation 12 that came out of the water. This wild beast that she sits upon will be the tool in God's hand to destroy this world religious empire. Her sitting on it shows that she has some power to control this political entity and we see it today how contries of the world addopt different religions and make them state religions. This will make her look industructible. For this reason it will come as a shock when the beast she was riding pounces on her. Why? Because in as much as she thinks she controls the beast she fails to realise that the heart of that beast can be manovered by God and that is why revelation 17 says that God will put it in the heart of that beast to destroy her. Please also 666 is not an Islamic mark. The bible calls it the mark of the beast. Beasts in the bible represent political entities that rule this world and this number is the power Satan uses to controle this world political entity. Why did God use 666 as the mark? This is bcos 6 as a number is infirior to 7 which stands for perfection. On the 7th day God rested from all his work that he had made declaring them perfect. So 6 stands for imperfection and 6 to the third degree stands for gross imperfection. So this mark shows how grossly Satan's world political entity has failed in God's eyes to bring peace to the earth eventhough they shout it every minute. All the prophecies in the book of revelation refer to world global events and are not sentered to a physical place or a particular people. It will come upon everybody living on the planet earth that was what Jesus said. No sentiments only facts.


  6. *I believe it's a moral honesty to say this so people know what I've been through-God knows speak here in sincerity in April 2016, I got up from my sleep rare to happen for some reason the case with me – saw something that no one believe it and I'm being an Arab Muslim from Qatar, but I say the right word what I saw on the wall of my room clearly and for a period just a few seconds, but I am 100% sure – an Image of Jesus Christ his face white close to an Arab-( middle east Peoples..) this what i saw in that miracle incident) the eyes beauty are unbelievable and face beard is light and the face shape is little long and head hair lay almost on his shoulders a bit I think I hinted his hands back and the Room is not dark, as i have describe him in the scene the face looks not the same almost to most photos in the beginning i thought he looks to some degree to one of my friend but quick inspiration jump to my mind this is Jesus Christ the face was so clear even i was surprise of the clarity this is a testimony and God witness I say the truth and why me have this experience I do not know but did happen ( this is not my real name due to personal reasons) yes I was awake when the image of Jesus Christ Manifested**i attach the Arabic text. of my scene Jesus in real .. لأني مررت بتجربة لا تصدق لا اعرف التفسير لكن حصلت . اليكم هذه الحادثة .المسيح عيسى هنا اورد مشاهدتي لتثبت هذه الحقيقة والله العظيم أقول الحق واليكم ما مررت في رؤيتي. الواقعية وانا بكامل حواسي ومستيقظ واعرف ما اقول هنا بنية صادقة لا تشوبها ذرة من الشك وكلمتي شرف وصدق في النصف الثاني لشهر ابريل 2016م وانا نائم -فجاة نهضت من نومي لسبب نادر مايحصل لي والله رأيت شيء لن تصدقوا وانا كوني مسلم عربي حسب الولادة ومواطن قطري لكن اقول كلمة الحق ماذا شاهدت رأيت على جدار غرفتي بصورة واضحة ولمده لا اعرف لكنها قصيرة ممكن ثواني لكني متأكد 100%صورة المسيح عيسى لان الزمن كان سريعا.وجهه واضح وكأني لمحت ان يديه الى الخلف ومظهرة طبيعي جدا بدون وجود اي اشياء خارجه عن المألوف ووجهه بلحية خفيفة ووجهه شكله طويل وعيونه بها جمال لايوصف نظرات وعيون رائعة وشعررأسه يتدلى على كتفيه تقريبا بعض الشيء وملامح رائعة وابيض الشكل وقريب شكله كالعرب او من شعوب الشرق الاوسط وهذا ونور الغرفه بها اضاءة وقد اعتقدت بداية انه يشبه احد الاصدقاء لكن بسرعة احسست لا هذا هو المسيح والذي ابهرني الوضوح التام للصورة-هذه شهادة واوصل كلمتي لأرضاء ضميري ووهي امانة احس لابد من قولها ولا اريد الأموال او الشهرة لان الدنيا فانية لايهمني من يعارض لكن المهم انها الحقيقة النهائيةبعد هذا الذي حصل لماذا انا شفت ومررت بالتجربة لا اعرف-لكنها حدثت وهذا ليس اسمي لأسباب خاصة


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