Scriptures Prediction: The Autumn of Babylon (Atheist vs JWs)

The Scriptures predicted the loss of Babylon? Well, exactly how do we understand that?

This is reasonable usage.

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  1. IF …there were a god who fit the description that most believers claim, that being would easily be able to make its existence and plans totally and unambiguously clear to everyone, everywhere, so there would be no argument.** The fact that hardly anyone can agree, particularly the believers themselves, and belief is primarily based on geography, is proof enough to me that it's all fantasy.

    EVEN IF…"intelligent design" could be proven to any reasonable degree, the only thing that could be inferred from that conclusion, is a designer, period. The only type of designer that could be inferred by any honest assessment of the world we live in, would be an amoral or prankster creator.

    All other attributes that theists apply to this "designer" are projections of what the believer(s) wish for.

    ** Google religious debate and you get around 70 million hits.

  2. I am curious, I assumed Ethical Will is spamming the report button to get rid of as many posts as possible to try and make it look like he goes unanswered, but even though that makes an immediate kind of sense it does not take into account someone has to read what he reports and then decide it goes against the community guidelines. Now some of my posts that were deleted are so tame then that would mean whomever is reading the reports is religious and has enough bias to delete posts based on bias rather than any infractions against the community guidelines. I copy everything I post so I can show what has been deleted if anyone wants to see for themselves, I also would not mind knowing if anyone else has posts removed in relation to ethical will, and if they were against the community guidelines or just against ideologies.

  3. Atheists always without fail go for the lowest-hanging fruit. Moderately high IQ Atheists who do this are basically like dumb 4th graders picking on 1st graders to look smart. ANyone with a brain knows that JWs are total fringe whackjobs and in fact they have the highest attrition rate of any religion. Well actually Jehovah's Witness and Atheism have about the same, 70% of JWs and Atheists eventually leave. That's probably because they both make about as much sense as each other.

  4. Perfectly played, Hiith. I studied w/witnesses in my late teen. Got engaged to a ministerial servant. They made sense at first. Everything was banned. But they were most sexually sinning( their sin) group I was with, I was disassociated for being with ny fiance. I left when he was with alot of others! The elders came to my house, I was on my horse! Later I met others, in no way made sense. Just CA in 70s. lol

  5. I was tasked today by a Christian to look at the amazing bible prophecy in Ezekiel 26 regarding the fall of the city of Tyre, to me, it's extremely lame, a famous port City getting attacked and destroyed by a rival nation isn't exactly an amazing prophesy, also, many of these so called 'prophecies' are seemingly reverse engineered to make it look like it came true. There don't appear to be any biblical prophesies which predict things like earthquakes and volcano Eruptians, that would be far more impressive esp if an exact date was given. If anyone has anymore thoughts on the city of Tyre 'prophecy' I'd be glad to hear any more views that I can take back to my Christian friend.


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