Background Network Docudrama – Old Babylon The Scriptures’s Hidden Tricks

Background Network Docudrama – Old Babylon The Scriptures’s Hidden Tricks


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  1. the story has been split into 3 very different stories. Which one is true? It is logical to say that none of the stories is true. Its amazing that there haven't been more than 3 abrahamic religions.
    They are all bullshit. Religion is bullshit. If you believe it, you are being illogical.

  2. The problem is that modern Academia thinks they have it all figured out…until they often seem to be proved wrong years later. How many biblical places were said to have not existed only to be found years later? I saw a great documentary that basically proved the years are totally wrong. If you account for the biblical story of the exodus several hundreds of years earlier, it totally fits with mass exodus and conquering Cannon. They are going strictly on the basis of when pharaoh Ramses was ruler in Egypt. However, there were many earlier and later Pharaohs called Ramses. It really was more of a title than the name of a Pharaoh Ramses as an individual person.

  3. The Children of Israel did NOT "find" their God as this narrative explains as "truth". The Bible is quite clear that HE CHOSE THEM. This dynamic will NOT be found in any other culture, any other part of history, or any text, scriptures, or with any other religions.

  4. I think that the Egyptians are the people that took the Ark from the Jews. The Jewish people being proud would not mention that the people that they left in the Exodus now have control of The Ark of the Covenant. This is why there is no mention of it when the Babylonians invaded Israel. If you believe it or not it is interesting that when The Ark of the Covenant was put into the Bible Code it gave longitude and latitude coordinates somewhere in in a militarized zone in Egypt.

  5. The history channel botched again. Probably a Jewish owned station. The people of Israel, the Jews, weren't the first mono theistic religion. The first monotheistic religion was Zoroastrianism, which came out of Persia. All other religions were influenced by this.

  6. They lost me in 10mins. It doesn't talk about Zoroastrianism which is actually the FIRST monotheistic religion so this is already biased. Clearly (and we historically know) the Abrahamic religions borrow ideas and concepts from Zoroastrians — which is still practiced today! Back even further during the Amarna Period in Egypt the state switched religion from polytheism to focusing on Aten (the god of the sun rays) only. Hebrews were not the first and certainly did not get the idea of monotheism out of nowhere.

    This is completely one sided and Hebrew biased. At least tell the truth.

  7. so u base a whole new story by not finding things u wan2 find? 1 in the desert how could u find when it says that the clouds cleand everything. And in Israel the Jewish nation lived ther for over 1000 years how would u find? Funny I love in America I diged and diged I didn't find any evidence that there were native Americans here that means that no one lived here? What nonsense


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