DISCOVERY– Knowledgeable by Knowledgeable– Phase 18:1-24– The Autumn of Babylon

Have you ever before aimed to review guide of Discovery? A great deal of individuals begin reviewing the holy bible and also miss throughout to discover just what takes place. If you do not know just what you read, this could be actually frightening. There are a great deal of publications and also discourses blogged about guide of Discovery, several are great however the majority of them are dated and also instead dull. Begin currently, we remain in the 21 st century and also I assume it’s time that we begin believing outside package when it concerns guide of Discovery, nevertheless it’s possibly the best publication ever before composed. Note I really did not state assume outside the Holy bible, I think the most effective discourse on the Holy bible is the Holy bible itself. Discovery is the last of the 66 publications that compose the Holy bible and also it’s much like the Lord to conserve the most effective for last.

This is absolutely not mosting likely to be your dad’s research study on guide of Discovery; we are residing in a time of quickly progressing modern technologies and also in a globe where terms adjustments virtually weekly. For much also long we have actually been stuck to old and also obsolete pictures concerning the Holy bible and also particularly guide of Discovery. When the majority of us reviewed the bible our ideas and also pictures promptly take us back to old scriptural times and also while essentially that helps most of the holy bible we need to bear in mind that guide of Discovery occurs in the future. As we review with the publication of Discovery we require to visualize a globe a lot more like the advanced globe we see in the Celebrity Wars collection of films, a globe complete of extraordinary websites and also motivating marvels, amazing animals and also still this will certainly not also totally incorporate or also come close to just what we will actually experience.

You will start a trip with the last publication of the Holy bible, guide of Discovery. You could wish to secure your seat belt due to the fact that this trip is mosting likely to essentially shake your globe. The trip starts virtually 2000 years back, on a little Greek island in the Aegean Sea and also finishes in the not so long run in a Heaven that makes our wildest and also desires and also creative imaginations fade comparative. Along the road, you will certainly satisfy some really intriguing personalities and also experience views and also marvels that will essentially take your breath away. Join with us as we start this amazing trip right into the publication of Discovery with are brand-new Discovery Collection– Discovery– Knowledgeable by Knowledgeable

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  1. I believe the U.S. is the daughter of Babylon (Isaiah 47; Select passages in Rev. 16-18, etc). Two separate Hebrew Bible codes (one discovered just recently) have identified the 'United States' & 'America' as the daughter of Babylon. America fits the context in Isaiah 47 and as commercial/economic Babylon in Revelation. There are two total solar eclipses exclusive to only the USA set for August 21, 2017 and on April 8, 2024. These are likely markers for God's impending warning to the daughter of Babylon for its 2 staged destruction. One just before or just after the start of the 7 year tribulation, and the latter a marker for its annhilation. "Sit silently and go into darkness…" Isaiah 47:5, may be referencing a massive EMP strike, and later in the chapter the fires may be referring to nukes in context. Well this would answer as to why America as the world's modern day hammer of the earth isn't even listed in the prophetic passages regarding the end times tribulation. This would also answer as to why America seemingly doesn't come to the aid of Israel during the upcoming Ezekiel 38-39 battle during the invasion of Israel. This first eclipse is only just over 4 weeks away from now. The Hebrew codes also strongly suggest that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea come against the U.S. Interestingly, this is exactly what we have been seeing everyday on the news the past few years with the tensions increasing and building up. The Hebrew codes also suggest a 2nd 'exodus' out of the daughter of Babylon. USA has many Israelites/Jews here in high population, and this could tie in to the upcoming Revelation 12 sign. "Ho, Zion! Escape, you who are living with the daughter of Babylon.." Zechariah 2:7. I also see the Vatican led by the Pope as being religious/spiritual Babylon, and this Pope is already hard at work in uniting all false religion.

    Christians would do themselves a service to check out the information on the upcoming Revelation 12 sign in the stars that is in progress now and will come into completion and fulfillment on September 23, just one day after the Feast of Trumpets. 9 weeks from now. It is a daytime marker and a sign specifically for Israel. This sign together with these two total solar eclipses for the USA, may likely be the Lord giving us the signs that the world is finally getting ready to go into the 7 year tribulation…Israel's last week of years allotted to them by God, their 70th Week. Time is likely very short now. The good news for Christians is that the pre-trib rapture is likely extremely close now. God will remove the church so that He can bring His prophetic plan for the natural branch Israel to fulfillment and completion. When the rapture does happen, America will be weakened and in chaos for awhile, and will be vulnerable to attack. I believe the U.S. needs to fall before the one world gov't and the man of lawlessness can set up. Anyway, that's my best discernment and how I see things unfolding. Maranatha!


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