We have actually all listened to the expression concerning “the handwriting on the wall surface”. This expression came from guide of Daniel, phase 5, in the tale of the Babylonian king, Belshazzar. In this tale, the king provides a significant event for his nobles, not a reception the method we think about them, however a drunken, profligate, pagan orgy. You understand, type of like pet residence with john belushi. Other than on steroids. Anyways, The king, momentarily of spiritual craziness, asks that the vessels which had actually initially remained in the holy place in Jerusalem be generated for his visitors to consume alcohol from and also salute the pagan gods.

No earlier had they started alcohol consumption, when a hand showed up other the lampstand, and also composed 4 words on the plaster wall surface: “Mene, mene, tekel, parsin.” Everybody stressed. They might check out words, however might not recognize just what they indicated. Ultimately the king sent out for Daniel. Possibly he might offer him the analysis of words.

Words were devices of loan, with the adhering to worths (in gerahs, Ezekiel 45: 12):.
A mene is 1000 gerahs, a tekel deserves 20 gerahs and also the parsin deserves 500 gerahs. The quantity completes to 2520 gerahs, which is additionally the variety of days in 7 years.

Words additionally had the adhering to significance: mene ways ‘numbered’, tekel ways ‘weighed’ and also ‘parsin’ implies‘divided’ The message to Balshazarr was that his days were phoned number, he had not been worth much and also his kingdom would certainly be split in between the Medes and also the Persians. By the following early morning, the king was dead and also Babylon had actually dropped.

This tale is filled with pythonic ramifications. The financial device of 2520 gerahs, when transformed to days, is the equal to the moment duration of the adversity, 2520 days. Equally as Israel was birthed in a day, Babylon was damaged in a day. Future Babylon the fantastic, discussed in Discovery 18:8, will certainly be damaged in a solitary day.

Possibly much more substantial for our functions, is the day Babylon dropped: October 1, 539 BC. When we determine the elapsed time in between the loss of Babylon in 539 BC and also the Day of Satisfaction, September 30, 2017, we reach 2,555 years, exactly. If we transform 2555 years to 2555 days, and also use it to the 2017-2024 duration, we see that the variety of days in between the Banquet of Trumpets 2017 and also the Banquet of Tabernacles 2024 is specifically 2,555 days. The Banquet of Tabernacles was ‘hidden’ in this tale concerning the loss of Babylon! This year (2017) is the only year that the day matter of 2,555 days will certainly be substantial.

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