The Loss of Babylon and also The Greater Exodus NYSTV Scriptures Prediction

The Loss of Babylon and also The Greater Exodus NYSTV

Video Clip concerning Secondly Exodus:

The Holy bible mentions a Greater Exodus (created by Zach Bauer of New2Torah) … Exactly what is the indication of this exodus. I think it is pointed out in Discovery 18 based on the autumn of Babylon.


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  1. "Come out of her , my people!"
    This has always been a hard one for me. Since I was a small child, I saw all the evils around me. I tried to run away from home, with no idea of where I was going but away from the evil. The kids who would run me down, surround me, and attack me at school were evil, and the teachers who wouldn't stop them or punish them or listen to me when I cried out that they attacked me and I was only defending myself were evil, calling me a bad boy and saying they didn't care who started the fight. The avalanche of lies and crooked scams in every media from television to comic books were evil.
    Lies in college, more lies in the news, and every politician a liar, but no prosecutions. My mother was a lab technician in a clinic, and she read many medical journals. She warned me about corn syrup, Aspartame, BGH, cottonseed oil, fluoride, Tylenol, microwave ovens, etc. in the early 1980s. I generally avoided them, although it was almost impossible to avoid them altogether. I remained healthy, without need of modern medicine to this day. I tried to warn my friends (and anyone who might listen) about these things, but they considered me a crank. I wouldn't vote Democrat or Republican, and I told everyone both parties should be put in jail along with the rest of the government, but no one would listen.
    I lead a very marginal existence, usually barely surviving on minimum wage, because I could not participate in most of the crooked scams of society. I wouldn't sell poisons, crap, or lies to people. I wouldn't have anything to do with the corrupt medical system, or the corrupt legal system or law enforcement, or the military. I wouldn't accept "blood money" from the government. I likened it to joining with pirates and taking a cut of the loot. Working for the government or taking government contracts is just as bad.
    Now I find the government too invasive in all things. I have a hell of a time finding a job, and I only get the very worst jobs, which no one else wants. The young kids don't want to hire me because I don't do Facebook, the social network of Mystery Babylon, and they seem to have a suspicious hatred of anyone who doesn't grok with them and their government establishment worship. I also find I can't compete with the majority of the workers who live government subsidized lives. They can work for low wages because the government pays their rent, gives the EBT cards for food, and free medical care and day care. They cost the employer half as much as I cost the employer because the government also pays half their wages. Of course they vote to keep the criminal government in power. They know they couldn't survive otherwise.
    I can't surrender and join that corrupt system, but what can I do and where can I do?
    What is outside of Mystery Babylon.
    It very much seems to me like the Mark of the Beast system already exists. They have already set it up so that you either go to the government to get in the free programs, so you can get a free telephone, which every minimum wage employer expects you to have, and subsidies, without which you can't afford rent or food, or you can't work and you will most likely starve to death, or die of exposure. Even the people who lives as slaves in the system will help enforce it by cutting you off from jobs and housing. How dare you refuse to be one of them!
    Nevertheless, I still suspect that I'm in the system. I still use the money. At any job I get, I serve the system and it takes taxes from my pay. I can't pay rent without paying property taxes and paying crooked bankers. I can't buy most things without paying sales taxes.
    Where is out?
    Where do you go out to. I tried walking into the mountains. It was a desert. No food. No water in most places. Boiling hot by day and freezing cold by night. Nothing to eat but tiny lizards. Going away from this system which is invasive everywhere is slow suicide, for even one person – for many people all at once, it would be faster suicide.
    Where's the manna? Is God asking us to commit suicide?
    How do you get out of a system that seeks total control and seeks to enforce its rule everywhere?
    If any significant number of people went into the wilderness to build shelters, hunt, plant gardens, and drink water that the government claims to own and control, they would soon be looking at the world from somewhere completely in the system, behind bars.
    Where is out!

  2. Not too bright are you ?
    Babylon is the lie of a world we live in.
    Everything is a lie. spinning ball earth , evolution are two of the biggest. God and Satan are not real is THE biggest. Time to wake up.

  3. Start by asking a question most do not ask: 'Why is Zerubbabel mentioned with the two olive trees in Zechariah 4 whom the Lord identifies as the two witnesses in Revelation 11?"

    The key to understanding is the meaning of Zerubbabel's name which means "seed of Babylon" referring to a child born in Babylon. Remember! Moses, whose name means "to draw out", was born in Egypt to deliver the children of Israel. What has been done will be done again!


    HIS NAME IS ___________.

    This child is the "chosen man" of Jeremiah 50:44-46 who must lead ("draw them out') the flock (children of Israel) for Babylon is to be utterly destroyed. He will be assisted by his brother, just like Moses and Aaron. Remember! The LORD described Moses as being "as/like God" for he was God's earthly representative and authoritive figure while Aaron was a prophet to Moses (read Exodus 7:1). Also remember! The meaning of the archangel Michael's name means " who is like God?". There is a reason why he and Satan fought over Moses' body (read Jude 9).

    Jeremiah 50:44-46 (NKJV) – "44 “Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the floodplain of the Jordan
    Against the dwelling place of the strong;
    But I will make them suddenly run away from her.
    And who is a chosen man that I may appoint over her?
    For who is like Me?
    Who will arraign Me?
    And who is that shepherd
    Who will withstand Me?”
    45 Therefore hear the counsel of the LORD that He has taken against Babylon,
    And His purposes that He has proposed against the land of the Chaldeans:
    Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out;
    Surely He will make their dwelling place desolate with them.
    46 At the noise of the taking of Babylon
    The earth trembles,
    And the cry is heard among the nations."

    See! Michael is born in the flesh in end-time Babylon to fulfill the Zerubbabel prophecy for he is the angel given great authority in Revelation 18. He is also the prophet like Moses who, along with his brother as the second witness, will deliver the children of Israel back to the land promised to the fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on a Second and Greater Exodus. He is also the "Elijah" who must "restore the preserved ones of Israel" and has a name that has been mentioned before (read Isaiah 49). After all, "John" must prophesy!!!

  4. Guys I love the in depth studies y'all do. Without a doubt one of the best YouTube sights to go to for me to help me with understanding. On the flip side, I do like shorter versions of things as well and loved this lil mini teaching. I work 50 to 60 hours a week and sometimes it's hard to keep up with the longer videos. Shorter to the point discussions sometimes is great (30mins to an hour) and I think would draw more people in. Keep doing the long ones as well because sometimes you just have to right? I absolutely love NYSTV and hope you don't think I'm being rude in any way. Just some constructive feedback from my viewpoint. Have a good day.

  5. The church is not mentioned in Revalation after Chapter4 until chapter19 so if you are post trib(doesn't really matter as we all go when it is time) why is it not mentioned in this the Seventieth week for Israel and Her ALONE as daniel says… Quote:"…My People…" is a reference to the Jews who were left behind after the Pre-trib Rapturo/Harpazo – Rature of the True Church…J/S =)

  6. I have an interesting thought. Context before I type it out: I don't really believe this but it's an thought that popped into my head and I figure I would put it out there for Torah believing brothers and sisters.

    =If you take out the book of Revelation how would that change 1. your faith, 2. The new testament 2.5 the teaching of Jesus' 3 The Bible as a whole?

    =->What got me thinking about this is the history of the compilation of the Bible. In light that we all pretty much read and cite books that are not in the official Bible cannon (66 books). This got me thinking of Illuminati and other such things and how maybe, just maybe there are books or book(singular) put into the Bible that do not belong there. Revelation being the only one I'm really referencing here. Again, i'm not saying it is not a Godly book or even that I believe it should not, it's just a thought that popped into my head in context to the great many subjects we talk about here on NYSTV.

    =-> I won't go into my back ground here but I was taught to think like my enemy. Ever since I started really learning about the Torah observant life and watching NYSTV it got my mind to open a WHOLE LOT – thank you guys at NYSTV – and that got me thinking about warfare in context of deception and manipulation.
    =-<>>First thought: Screw-Tape Letters: If I wanted to cause a continuous line of confusion/debate/etc I would add something into what ever I'm doing that seems to fit the narrative that is already established. Making lines cryptic but that seem to match up.

    =–<<>>> Ok that's it. It just seems to be the last book of the Bible is different from every other book in the Bible. And if God does not change and the rest of the Bible seems to line up together in manner and form then why is the last book so odd?

    +Ending statement: Again, this is just a thought, I have not folded over to this line of thinking and I wanted to get intelligent input from the community I have begun to call family. Thank you+


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