A 16 year Young boy’s Vision Of The Excellent Adversity Recorded Live – Fantastic Sound!

Episode 086 of The A Min To Midnite Program resembles nothing else program we have actually done, or ever before listened to any individual else do in the past. At the start of this Program Joanie Stahl, Creek Ardoin & Tony K briefly discuss the tale of the astonishing sound that was sent out to every of them a number of months back. It left them all shocked. In this video clip you will certainly listen to the actual time taping caught by Jose Polanco of an open vision provided to a 16 years of age child that explains in scary just what he is seeing unraveling prior to his eyes. A horrible vision of the wonderful Adversity mentioned in guide Of Discovery.

This audio exceptionally influenced every one of the AMTM group that heard it. You just could not hear this as well as disappear as well as ignore it after that! It is breathtaking as well as life altering. Complying with the having fun of the audio recording of the vision, Joanie, Tony as well as Creek talk about some even more information of the tale bordering the occasions of the vision.

Right here is a quick intro penciled by Jose Polanco:

Unexpectedly, at 11 p.m., I listened to the far-off noise of a person knocking extremely frantically on the front door. To my shock, it was my sis gone along with by my nephew. He remained in a state of SHOCK as well as plainly sobbing as splits streamed down his face. She described that he was having visions in genuine time as well as she did unknown just what to do with him. I took him to the room, cast every person out, as well as secured the door for personal privacy. Then, I still did not have a hint just how deep his experience was. I just understood he was having visions prior to getting to my house.

Within my family members, visions are a really typical event. I desired to make specific he was all right since it was his very first experience in this location. Exactly what I did not recognize because minute was that I remained in for the trip of a life time. I promptly found out that he was still seeing occasions occur as soon as we cleared up because room. His eyes were large open as well as he was definitively in a state of euphorias, as the Apostle Paul would certainly have called it. The midsts of his visions were deeply amazing, as he was considering points that I recognize will certainly take place throughout the Adversity duration as prophesied in guide of Discovery.

UPDATE: If any individual republishes this without our consent it is a violation of copyright. If a person wants to utilize any one of this video clip after that please message us via the call kind at www.aminutetomidnite.com. We are the initial resource as well as the honesty of that have to be preserved. Thanks.


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  1. 🌿 A very moving testimony and vision. Wow! David, you're in my prayers. You are a brave and compassionate young man. And, above all, I am happy that you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart. Always remember, it is Jesus who will fight for you henceforth! Amen. 🕊
    Thank you, José for being who you are; the sensitivity and Spiritual support you show your nephew is beautiful! For all others concerned, thank you for being trusted stewards of Jesus Christ in sharing this revelation, this vision with the world. May many be moved with its urgent message.
    In Yeshua's Holy Name we pray.
    Amen! 🕇

    Elise, aka Godgirl

  2. My heart is breaking for that sweet boy none of us can even imagine what visions he was given but we will soon find out! We all need to be preparing ourselves and putting on the full armor of God and pray to be given the strength to endure what's coming!!! God bless us all and thank you for sharing this testimony ❤

  3. I wonder if I heard this before but either way this is as real as it gets. I felt it the presents of the Lord through the Holy Spirit with me when watching this. Thank you God for making this happen, your word becoming flesh through the Holy Spirit in yashaya name. Amen. I use his Hebrew name.

  4. I must say that it amazes me that people think that they can pack up and run away somewhere where they think they will be safe. No matter where they run, eventually they will run out of food, water, and gas for their cars will be hard to find, if not impossible. The only thing people will be able to save is their souls. The world is in dire straights, and most of us can see that it can't go on like this forever. What we can do is pray to God that He will do something to wake us all up, before He has to take it to the next level, where He has to shake up this world in order to get our attention. We can only hope that it is not too late. I think God is trying to wake us all up with these kinds of visions. But we also have to be wary of the Devil, who also has some power over all of us. Prayer is our only salvation. May God have mercy on us all.

  5. Next total solar eclipse is 2024 and I want to share a revelation the father gave me in heaven he says in Genesis the signs would be in the moon the stars and the sun he gave me a sign about the moon for 2024 and that sign is it is seven years prior to the beginning of 2018 when it starts of the new year we look at Daniel serving at the week Jacob’s troubleWill start the beginning of 2018 it will start you can’t from 2018 that seven years to 2024 there is a seven-year tribulation for people who do not receive the love of the truth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and God is going to send them a delusion the false Messiah

  6. i had part of this dream vision and mentally kind of sici because of it for days. the statues, oriental, giants. i was very sick after this dream. to this boy, God has given u this vision. God be with u, Jesus in u always

  7. Praise God in Jesus' name! Glory to the Most High! Father in Heaven, please bless this family, and this channel, its viewers and all that are blessed to hear this testimony! Thank you so much Christian family! In Jesus' name.

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  9. Present….WW3. Then a 7 years peace treaty 3 and a half years into the peace all hell breaks loose which is what this 16 year old boy is talking about. This is my 4 time hearing this I believe his testimony is 100% accurate to the Bible