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Audio Speaker: Charles Lawson.


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1) This video clip has no adverse influence on the initial jobs (It would in fact declare for them).
2) This video clip is additionally for mentor functions.
3) It is favorably transformative in nature.
4) I just made use of little bits and also items of video clips to obtain the factor throughout where essential.


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  1. the end is nigh , people should do by all means to REPENT before it is too late

    HELL is meant for the DEVIL ……people should do by all means to avoid pleasure of the world for whoever is in love with the world is an enemy to God( JAMES4:4)

  2. I usually don't watch fire and brimestone videos as I feel like Rather than scare myself I should uplift myself in Christ but this video was perfect. It showed the horrors that await but than it's the great light at the end. HALLELUJAH!! Jesus reached out his arm and grabbed us from this firey pit. It's our mission to show others who do not know them. We cannot let them live with regret for eternity. Pray brothers and sisters. Pray for those who have been deceived. Pray that gods great mercy and love grace them, that they may find Jesus before it's too late. LOVE

  3. Just got pulled out of a porn sight. Less of my will but of someone else's from within the pits of my heart. If I stayed there any longer I will be in agony or in tears later tonight.

  4. this makes me so full of hate for the devil and demons and somuchlove for anybody that winds up there that ever got a body. I love people for Gods benefit even though its hard. I hate the fallen.they are such such douchebags. they deserve to be condemned. I only want the fallen to wind up inhell they deserve to suffer.

  5. This is the largest load of hot steaming bullshit that I have ever seen and right at the end they will be asking for your money, and you will pay then they`ll ask for more money and you`ll pay again, and again and again.

  6. True! Before we went through the veil, we forgot everything we knew, which is why it's important to counsel with the Lord, and be the best you he created you to be. I love what I know, and I am excited to learn more. The more I trust in God, the more he opens up to me, it's amazing!


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