The Great White Throne Reasoning by Jesus Christ The Kid of God – Is your name in guide of Life?

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As soon as your heart is founded guilty, that heart prepares to be transformed, a great deal of individuals are founded guilty, however they never ever obtained transformed – Priest Charles Lawson.

Heck … exactly what it is, where it originated from, and also exactly how YOU could steer clear of from it.

” Just what is guide of Life?

Discovery 20: 15 proclaims,“If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”
Guide of Life, in this context, is the collection of names of those that will certainly deal with God for life in paradise. It is the roll of those that are conserved. This Publication of Life is likewise discussed in Discovery 3:5; 20: 12; and also Philippians 4:3. The exact same publication is likewise called the Lamb’s Publication of Life due to the fact that it includes the names of those that have actually been retrieved by the blood of the Lord Jesus (Discovery 13:8; 21: 27).

Just how can you make certain your name is composed in guide of Life?
Make sure you’re conserved. Repent of wrong and also rely on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Hero (Philippians 4:3; Discovery 3:5).
No real follower ought to question his everlasting safety in Christ (John 10: 28-30).

The Great White Throne Judgment explained in Discovery 20: 11-15 is a judgment for agnostics. That flow makes it clear that nobody at that judgment has his name in guide of Life (Discovery 20: 12-14). The destiny of the unearthly is secured; their names are not in guide of Life; their penalty makes sure.

Some individuals indicate Discovery 3:5 as “proof” that an individual could shed his redemption. The guarantee of Discovery 3:5 is plainly that the Lord will certainly not eliminate a name: “He who overcomes . . . I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life.” An overcomer is one that is successful over the lures, tests, and also wickedness of this globe– in various other words, one that is retrieved. The conserved are composed in God’s computer registry and also have the guarantee of everlasting safety.

One more flow over which complication often develops is Psalm 69: 28: “Let them [David’s enemies] be blotted out of the book of the living.” This “book of the living” must not be perplexed with the Lamb’s Publication of Life. David is describing earthly, physical life, not immortality in paradise. The exact same holds true of the “book” discussed in Exodus 32: 32-33

God maintains great documents. He understands His very own, and also He has actually established the names of His youngsters completely in His publication.

Unless you have the nonpartisanship of Jesus Christ, the rage of God is after you already. You are however a breath far from experiencing the rage of Almighty God!

If you wish to encounter the rage of God, after that avert from Jesus. Avert from the tortured one. Spew after him, draw his beard, extra pound the crown of thorns on his head.
Below, take the pet cat of 9 and also peel off the flesh from his back. Beat him up until he is not well-known.
Below, simulated him, wager for his bathrobe. Treat him like the pet you believe he is.

Possibly you state I would certainly never ever do that. I’m, as well great.
Your greats are as unclean cloths to God.

If you rely on any one of your initiatives to obtain to paradise, you could too begin whipping Jesus, due to the fact that you are claiming that His crucifixion had not been sufficient.

Most of us have an in person with Jesus Christ.
We will certainly recognize exactly what God thinks about our self-righteousness when we stare after the face of Jesus.

He that believeth on the Kid hath eternal life: and also he that believeth not the Kid will not see life; however the rage of God abideth on him. John 3: 36 (KJV).

For the rage of God is exposed from paradise versus all ungodliness and also unrighteousness of males, that hold the fact in unrighteousness; Romans 1: 18 (KJV).

Since of your tough and also impenitent heart you are keeping up rage for on your own on the day of rage when God’s exemplary judgment will certainly be exposed. Romans 2:5 (ESV).

For God has actually not predestined us for rage, however to acquire redemption with our Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Thessalonians 5:9 (ESV).


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  1. Satan knows scriptures better than any Theologian or scripture scholar,This "Angel of Light"however chose to rebel against God.Faith is manifested in good works.and not simply in
    faith alone.We will be judge by how much we have loved and not simply that we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.The prisons are filled with individuals who have
    'accepted"the "Lord,unfortunately this "acceptance "came after they had committed their dastardly crimes,

  2. We still have to repent and turn from sins repenting deosent mean stop sinning we should try our best not to but repenting means a change of mind god wonts us to have a new heart with new desires and not the desires of sin we can't live a sinless life only Jesus did that we are saved by grace faith alone but it doesn't mean We should sin look it up there are bible verses that proof of this

  3. I'm so disappointed in myself I'm 12 and already masturbate then I think the lord is watching me how could I do this but I can't control myself o start think thoughts like it's not my fault I was born it's Jesus but then I say to myself it's just the devil telling me lies then I don't know what to do I'm scared I pray almost every night sometimes I forget and I know praying isn't enough but I ask him to free me from my sins and I think to myself is this enough and if I do end up change but my brother doesn't I fear for my soul and his I'm scared lost and confused

  4. Remember when Jesus comes we change to our spiritual body in a blink of an eye. If we all know this you will not be deceived by Satan or anyone else. Please do not follow anyone claiming to be Jesus Christ while you are in your flesh body because it is not Jesus Christ

  5. body soul and spirit. ..jesus finished wrk on the cross (GOSPEL) sealed r spirits (BORN AGAIN) we are adopted into gods family forever it's a gift from god no man can take away or say u can lose ur salvation. r soul and body r still here on this earth the wrks of r soul dictates r level of faith and trust in christ and only through christ can we be changed..go and tell every living thing about the gospel and let God do the wrks in there soul

  6. I asked Jesus, "how much do You love me"? Jesus replied, " this much", and He stretched out His arms on the cross and died. If you love Jesus, post this comment on other christian related videos. 97% won't do it. Only 3% of you will stand up for Him.


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