Dave Search on the thousand year regime of Christ

Fascinating brief conversation on the thousand year regime of Christ.


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  1. The thousand year reign of Christ, also reffered to as the "last day" by Mary, and also called the day of judgement by Jeshua, is the grand day of ressurection.  When all those in the tombs shall hear his voice and come forth.
    Those who practiced vile things unto a ressurection of judgement.  Those who practiced good things to a ressurection of life.

    Both bad and good shall be ressurected.
    And every idle word men have spoken they will now have to give an account thereof.
    And also every evil deed, they will have to answer for.
    EVERYTHING will be uncovered during this time, just as Jesus promised.Nothing covered that shall not be revealed. And then after the thousand years, those not found written in the bok of likfe shall be thrown into the sybolic lake od fire, which is the second death! This is what the scriptures teach.  Man teaches lies!