Raise your heads/ King of Magnificence

Hey all =-RRB- Jesus, the Lion as well as the Lamb, the King of Magnificence, the God as well as Lord of Lords is returning quickly!! Let’s prepare! Allow’s prepare our hearts as well as prepare the method for His return =-RRB-.

Spontaneous tune I taped in the Autumn. I mapped it to Psalm24
Much more discovery as I was making the video clip: The Cyclist on the White Equine (Discovery 19: 11-16) Jesus Second coming!
Various other Bible in the video clip: Philippians 2: 6-11
Precious, allow us like God with our all as well as allow’s like each various other deeply from the heart.
I do not have the images in the video clip (from the net).


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  1. It's a spontaneous prophetic song. A message from the Holy Spirit. I was just passing the message. It came through song and I recorded it right then. I added the beats later but I didn't try to make it pretty and musical. Just passing the message so I hope you got the message. God bless 🙂


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