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Satan is aiming to eliminate the rapture Eagle and also the Female and also Youngster of Discovery12
◄ Discovery 12 ►.
King James Scriptures.
The Female and also the Dragon.
1And there showed up a fantastic marvel in paradise; a female dressed with the sunlight, and also the moon under her feet, and also after her head a crown of twelve celebrities: 2And she being with kid wept, travailing in birth, and also hurt to be provided.

3And there showed up an additional marvel in paradise; and also look at a fantastic red dragon, having 7 heads and also 10 horns, and also 7 crowns after his heads. 4And his tail attracted the 3rd component of the celebrities of paradise, and also did cast them to the planet: and also the dragon stood prior to the female which prepared to be provided, for to devour her kid when it was birthed.

5And she came up with a male kid, that was to rule all countries with a pole of iron: and also her kid was captured up unto God, and also to his throne. 6And the female got away right into the wild, where she belong prepared of God, that they ought to feed her there a thousand 2 hundred and also threescore days.

The Battle in paradise.
7And there was battle in paradise: Michael and also his angels combated versus the dragon; and also the dragon combated and also his angels, 8And dominated not; neither was their location discovered anymore in paradise. 9And the terrific dragon was exiled, that old snake, called the Evil one, and also Satan, which deceiveth the entire globe: he was exiled right into the planet, and also his angels were exiled with him. 10 As well as I listened to a loud voice claiming in paradise, Currently is come redemption, and also toughness, and also the kingdom of our God, and also the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which charged them prior to our God night and day. 11 As well as they conquered him by the blood of the Lamb, and also by the word of their statement; and also they liked not their lives unto the fatality. 12 For that reason celebrate, ye paradises, and also ye that dwell in them. Trouble to the inhabiters of the planet and also of the sea! for the adversary is boiled down unto you, having terrific rage, since he knoweth that he hath yet a brief time.

The Dragon Persecutes the Female.
13 When the dragon saw that he was cast against the planet, he maltreated the female which came up with the male kid. 14 As well as to the female were provided 2 wings of a fantastic eagle, that she could fly right into the wild, right into her location, where she is nurtured temporarily, and also times, and also half a time, from the face of the snake. 15 As well as the snake exiled of his mouth water as a flooding after the female, that he could trigger her to be lugged away of the flooding. 16 As well as the planet aided the female, and also the planet opened her mouth, and also engulfed the flooding which the dragon exiled of his mouth. 17 As well as the dragon was wroth with the female, and also mosted likely to make battle with the residue of her seed, which maintain the rules of God, and also have the statement of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is LORD and also Hero the Kid of God elevated from the dead.
All Magnificence to God.


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  1. Thank you My Brother, Let's keep going until We all meet at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb :-).We will be leaving in the Rapture event while there still calling the Rapture a lie by Satan. GOD Bless all our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, the Son of GOD Risen from the dead.

  2. Love ya Teammates and may God have mercy on us all.
    As we have been showing Satan is Trying to Stop the Eagle of Revelation 12 and Kill the woman and Jesus before they can begin the next age. Satan is trying to stop the Millennium of Christ from beginning..


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