Battle in paradise, God’s Impressive Fight with Wickedness [FULL VIDEO]

Guide of Discovery explains a battle in paradise in between angels led by the Angel Michael versus those led by “the dragon”– recognized as “the devil and Satan”– that are beat and also tossed down to the planet. Discovery’s battle in paradise is associated with the suggestion of dropped angels, and also feasible parallels have actually been recommended in the Hebrew Scriptures and also the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Numerous contemporary Bible-commentators watch the “war in heaven” in Discovery 12:7–13 as an eschatological vision of completion of time or as a referral to spiritual war within the church, instead of (as in Milton’s Heaven Lost) “the tale of the beginning of Satan/Lucifer as an angel that rebelled versus God in prehistoric times. The concept of the loss of Satan and also his angels could be discovered in Christian angelology and also Christian art, and also the principle of dropped angels (that, for rebelling versus God, were deteriorated and also condemned to a life of mischievousness or embarassment in the world or in an area of penalty) prevails


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