BRAND-NEW Discovery 12 as well as 13 DISCLOSED in destiny, Constellations, Female, Anti-Christ, Beasts,

CAUTION: The vision of Discovery 12 has absolutely nothing to do with the September 23, 2017 placement. In the Apostle John’s time (2000 years ago), the constellation Leo was comprised of 12 CELEBRITIES. In the 16 th century (1600 years later on) Leo was decreased to 9 celebrities when contemporary astronomers divided 3 celebrities from Leo to develop “Berenice’s Hair” as a constellation. The old Greek astronomer Ptolemy taped that the 3 celebrities of just what is currently “Coma Berenices” was taken into consideration the tuft of Leo’s tail. In John’s time, the FEMALE’S CROWN would certainly have been the 12 CELEBRITIES of the constellation Leo alone– with NO taking a trip worlds consisted of. See: as well as
This standard placement has actually occurred at the very least 4 times in the past 1000 years, as well as ABSOLUTELY NOTHING considerable took place– definitely not the Rapture! See:
Exactly what is Discovery 12 as well as 13 actually concerning? This tale was created in the celebrities hundreds of years ago to inform the New Testimony tale. The FEMALE in labor stands for Israel. Her CROWN of 12 CELEBRITIES represents her youngsters– the 12 People of Israel. After much woe, the female ultimately brings to life a GUY YOUNGSTER– the guaranteed Messiah Jesus. The DRAGON (Satan) that was preparing for the Messiah’s birth attempted to damage Him. Jesus developed from the dead as well as rose to God’s throne. The currently infuriated Dragon attempted to damage the Female (Israel) via a”TORRENT” This was met when the Roman Realm ruined Jerusalem as well as got rid of the Jews in 70 A.D. The Female (Israel) left to the DESERT, which represents “DESOLATION” as well as is a photo of Israel beyond the Paradise. The Female was SUPPORTED outside the Paradise by the countries where she expands to end up being really effective. The following time we see that FEMALE in the DESERT is in phase 17 where she is RIDING (regulating) a MONSTER (Realm) in the last days. After that, once the Messiah had actually risen as well as Israel was out of the Promised Land “…the dragon went off to make war against the REST OF HER OFFSPRING—those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus….” “THOSE WHO HOLD TO THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS” is the DEFINITION of a CHRISTIAN. So the REST of Israel’s OFFSPRING are the Christians. Indeed after the Jews were banished, the Roman Empire turned to attack the Christians and brutally persecuted them for the next 300 years. This began the “TRIBULATION” duration in which the Christians would certainly be maltreated by the Monster’s HEADS (sub-empires) till the TIME OF THE INFIDELS is finished. Discovery 12 has actually been met. Discovery 13-22 is still being met. Just currently are we seeing the One Globe Union, worldwide markets as well as mass-identification systems which Discovery 13 explains. Discovery 17-22 informs that Monster’s kingdom will certainly be ruined. The youngsters of Jesus’ Kingdom will certainly live permanently.

Is Astrology a transgression? The Holy bible plainly informs us that the praise of the celebrities is a plague to God. On the various other hand, God claimed the celebrities would certainly be utilized for”signs” Work declared the Constellations as well as the Mazzaroth (Zodiac) was embeded in area as well as called by God. The Magi were Astrologers that check out in the celebrities that a Great King would certainly be birthed in Judea– as well as they were led to praise Jesus. Do these Bibles negate each various other? No, there are no oppositions, however there have actually been corruptions– as well as those corruptions have actually perverted God’s objective for the stellar images. Guide of Enoch phase 8 informs us that the Angels educated the human race the enigmas of astrology, maybe explaining the commissioned images of the constellations– exactly how Virgo was a lady as well as Libra the ranges, and so on. Enoch’s account does not claim the Angels educated male a lie, however instead that it was not God’s will certainly for male to recognize the power of the celebrities or to utilize them for their self-seeking passions. As well as without a doubt, in time, dropped male damaged the pictures with their pagan folklores as well as utilized them for prophecy. Via the Discovery 12 vision, the Apostle John brought back the REAL definition as well as objective for the stellar images.

SAGITTARIUS: “Two of the most ancient, surviving sources – Eratosthenes (1st/2nd century CE) and Hyginus (1st century BCE) identified the constellation of Sagittarius, the archer, with a mythological satyr by the name of Crotus.” (Krotos). While this exposes that the Anti-Christ will potentially be birthed during Sagittarius, this video clip is NOT stating that those birthed Sagittarius or other indication are innately wicked at all. The 12 Tribes/ Adherents associate to the 12 spirit programs of the Zodiac. All 12 Indications have excellent as well as wicked characteristics in this globe. There will certainly be Overcomers from all 12 People (Indications) in the Centuries. 12,000 of each = 144 thousand.
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  1. Bravo!! Well done my friend. I have watched many videos over the last two years and by far yours is hands down the best descriptive and easily broken down for children of all ages & perfect for awaking newcomers…😆 Great job! Have a blessed day everyone!!! Thank you

  2. That has helped me so much. I have been hearing about the sept 23rd sign and have been really concerned about his next coming. Which we all should be. I still don't know how close it is. But, I think it must because we have just learned this.

  3. This interpretation of the Woman Clothed With The Sun in this video is the imagination of Gentiles. That's NOT what it means.

    If you think your interpretation is accurate, you should be able to "CROSS REFERENCE" everything you mentioned in relation to the Woman with the 12 stars around her head with other biblical scriptures to "validate" the interpretation.

    And given your theory on what you think it means cannot be substantiated by ANY scriptures that parallel your thinking. Therefore, this is not a professional biblical interpretation. It's more wishful-thinking by a Gentile People/Nation trying to bend these events to favorably fit an "Eurpopean People and their perspective."

    With that said, I will do a brief breakdown of the beginning of Revelation 12 just enough to show how you how to interpret it, professionally. Before I do, there are a few basic things that should be understood:

    The Woman = the Mother(s) of Israel, from the beginning and into the future.

    The 12 Stars around her head = The 12 Sons of Israel.

    The Sun and Moon = the glory (sun) of Israel through the times (moon). It signifies an on-going history of Israel that will never end.

    After this descripture of the Woman, it followed with some history of what happened when the Dragon tried to devour her son. And she was given safe passage and protection (hidden from the dragon) from the dragon. And the dragon went looking for her to kill her (end Israel' Seed).

    Now, you can cross-reference some of these events to serve as a guide to who's who in the description of Revelation 12. And the Red Dragon is found to be an European People/Nation…representing as Satan' seed. The bruise on the Dragon' head is the SAME bruise spoken about in prophecy in the Book of Genesis when God put "enmity" between Eve' seedline and Satan' seedline. Eve' seedline was to bruised Satan' seedline' head. And Satan' seedline was to strike Eve' seedline in the heel.

    Revelation 12 culminates that event, as by that time, the Gentiles have come into the world as Satan' seedline. Prior to that, it was only Eve' natural Seedline in the world, and the hijacked Seed of Japheth is what brought the Gentiles. That's another history and story altogether, though.

    It has nothing to do with Hercules and Cephus and all these European mythologies that was not mention by the Prophets nor was those figures real-life people. They are "Myths"……just like you said, "mythology."

    And that's all I will share to give enough evidence that your interpretation is flat-out inaccurate.

  4. Excellent video with much that may be likely interpreted into the constellations…BUT 2 MAJOR FLAWS! (Not shouting.)
    1. And there ""appeared"" a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, … "appeared" means to come forth, change or be revealed. Your video shows the crown of stars with tail and everything else as "always there". The only way to have an "appeared" is to have something change or appear…thus the wandering planets enter in and appear…fulfilling the sign. 2. You have used a non biblical cannon of Enoch as part of your source materials. Thus error can creep in! As you describe this vision there are many dates that can be used over the centuries.

    Really love the vid along with the analogies and comparisons. BUT you miss the changing time mark of appearing totally as John would have to see the vision as Rev 1:1 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly """"come to pass"""; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:" The "CROWN with tail stars as the 12 stars" in you interpretation has not and will not change THUS can not "come to pass". AND Juipter goes in and out of Virgo many times over the years and thus can not be used as a "alarm" for the vision. A one time only alarm is needed and that is the wandering stars will along with all other technical parts of the vision to make the prophesy TRUE! Praise God and thank you for your excellent work.

  5. I just saw your video. It is amazing. The presentation of Revelation 12signs are demonstrates very well and very organized. Any one can understand easily. Wow , I appreciate you efforts. Thanks, GOD bless you.

  6. Time cycles:12 0 degrees NORTH is Winter Which is MOON and it's also the end of MONTH OR THE END OF THE YEAR,3 EAST IS SPRING GARDENS OF PARADISE where the SUN FIRST RISE in the morning and first spring of the Month OF THE FIRST YEAR 6 is SOUTH it's summer or 12 midday or middle of the month, 9 is WEST AUTUMNS which is New moon OF THE END OF HAVERST OF THE YEAR OF CYCLES BEFORE WINTER COMES.

  7. WOW! Well done. Ps 19 should be in every
    teaching of the Bible. If God declared it, we
    should also declare it, because it reveals knowledge.

    The heavens declare the glory of God;
    And the firmament shows His handiwork.
    2 Day unto day utters speech,
    And night unto night reveals knowledge.
    3 There is no speech nor language
    Where their voice is not heard.
    4 Their line[a] has gone out through all the earth,
    And their words to the end of the world.

    To God be the glory

  8. There is a great book on amazon titled, "Revelation: Heart, Love and Marriage".  The book does a great job getting us back on track.  It shows what the church believed the first 1800 years, prior to the "Hollywood" and racist version of Revelation made popular by Darby, Schofield and LaHaye.  You will be amazed on how off track today's church has actually gotten.

  9. You totally ignored the placement of the planets. Jupiter, the King, came out of the House if Judah, or Leo, and moved into the body of Virgo for 40 weeks "gestation". Then, three planets are also above the head of Virgo, adding to the stars in Leo to make up the "crown". Mercury (Messenger), Venus (Love) & Mars (War). As Jupiter states to leave Virgo (birth), the sun is at the woman's head, "clothing her", while moon is quite literally at her feet. It's been 7000 years since this same alignment has been this way, and it will be another 1000 years afore it happens again.


  11. Fantastic video. Thank you. The man child is a servant of Christ born from Israel who is Virgo. He will gather Israel and is prophesied all over the books that surround the Babylonian captivity. Ezekiel 37s final verses mentions him. Few are expecting a precursor to Christ
    .. Just as few were expecting Christ Himself.


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