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  1. Even if they were wrong that's no way to ever treat a human being . Man the old world was sick as hell. Jesus is a pagan god that went into existence in 313 ad by constintine and Rome how power control over European nations and that's how Christianity spread through the years. And came here to America when discovered actually it was discovered long before Columbus christianity devolped in the Americas after 1492

  2. Did you know several of the Early Church Father expected The Emperor Nero (54-68 A.D.) to come at the end of time (They believe he would ascend out of Hades), and become the Antichrist, and he would wage war on Christianity, and put Christians to death?They believed the first persecutor of the church would be the last.

  3. it's makes me cry , then i look today's Christianity and myself , how we enjoy it. yet this Christianity deliver to us by them bloods
    how they suffer? wow … i'm proud on them. because of them i hear the word of God.

  4. Wow…this comment section is full of retards – either religious fanatics or enraged atheist who feel the need to prove just how atheists they are. Disgusting. That's why I hate extremes… Can't you people find a middle way and behave like normal beings?

  5. ohhhh, good old times where this bigots got what they deserved ,the only thing i regret is the innocent victims ,people that have been killed only because they identified with this evil religion for whatever reasons ,but for the active once that professionally contributed to the rise of this devil religion i dont feel any pity!!

  6. omg ..u all receive a crown to the one that had been persecuted god bless yall for holding youall testemony i cried but there'a crown to b given someday n nero u n ur ple is going to b torment someday forever u deserve it nero devil retarded

  7. in that time emperor nero's leadership many christians need to hide to worship GOD,because emperor nero is so strict leader,but now we are all free to worship GOd but we didn't do it, we are all too busy from our work,gadgets,schools,and bussiness.

    and this time we have only 3-2 hour to worship GOD but we can't do….

    in the old testament they worship GOD in one day

    and many christian compromised by other country because of there religion and they suffer and died,But they didn't fail to worship GOD…..

  8. wow…..lord amazing video the all christian of the whole earth is victorious…. because of the persecution…. you are my lord… in my heart i believe in you my lord….. i love you so much….. and you said come come…. wow…. you are the mighty father Abba father…..


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