The Coming CHRISTIAN mistreatment in the West

Paul Washing machine describes the unavoidable Christian mistreatment as the West, particularly the terrific harlot (The U.S.A.) transforms from and also straight drinks its hand at the Developer. Christians will certainly be qualified as silly, brainless, conveniently persuaded, deceived, un-scientific and also an excellent drainpipe on culture ending up being the obstacle that quits the globe relocating right into unity and also tranquility as a worldwide globe system.


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  1. atheists, Muslims, and gays are the three groups in America that are being the most discriminated against. These are facts. So who's doing the discriminating? Christians, obviously. This sounds more like a sermon from David Koresh than the nice pastors I grew up with.

  2. Hi Kangaroo Jack,

    If Islam is the true religion, what specific prophecy has Mahummed given that has come true? You should compare Jesus prophecies and see what happens to Anti-Christ Muslims on Judgement Day. Jesus does not need to break the cross like Muslims think and Jesus is Not a Muslim, bc Jesus Christ is divine Son of God and The Messiah (Prophet John, the Baptist). Those who deny the divinity of Jesus is Anti-Christ. Peace be upon you as Jesus teaches.

  3. The battle started IN the Christian religion, first with denominationalism which turned the faith into a circus with varied beliefs and subcultures,  all contradicting and suspicious of each other. Then came the great liberal invasion of the churches.  Conservatives were unable to unite and surrounded by secularism and phoney Christians, believers went into silent mode, filled with perplexity and confusion or faced constant suttle ridicule and discrimination. Now the Christians are in the same spot as the German Jews in 1933.

  4. Man, all this is right on!!  IF YOU WANT CONFIRMATION OF THIS, START LISTENING to Alex Jones show, Prisonplanet TV.  Or just look up Alex Jones show on Youtube through "ron gibson's channel".  Listen to the Archives and listen daily.  He talks about the hidden news and even the real news and what is going on in persecution of christians and american patriots.  constitution lovers and conservatives and christians and Tea Party republicans and Remnant fundamentalist christians are being silences and robbed of their basic freedoms through Obama and the current government administration, yeah, even the IRS!!

    Look up the website and realize that a lot of the conspiracies are true!

  5. Preparing For Martyrdom Is Not Optional
     But martyrdom is not merely something for those in some far off lands to think about.  Everyone who claims the name “Christian” should be preparing his or her heart for potential martyrdom.  This is not an optional preparation for only those who live in third world countries or those who live at certain times in world history.  Preparing for martyrdom has always been part of what it means to be a true Christian.  Christianity is the only religion that has as its highest example, a man who was tortured and put to death publicly.  As Christians, we are his followers.  Yet the concept of martyrdom is essentially a foreign one to most of us in our western Christian culture.  But in many parts of the world today, such as China, Pakistan, or the Middle East, those who choose to follow Jesus likewise all realize that they are saying yes to potential martyrdom.  This was also the case for Christians for the first three hundred years of Church history.  Persecutions and martyrdom were common, especially among those who assumed positions of leadership. 

  6. My Call To Action For All Christians!
    While most of us in the West may not live in an atmosphere where martyrdom is a present threat or reality, I believe that it is very important for all of us to remain connected to our brothers and sisters who do.  Presently there are numerous countries throughout the world where persecution and martyrdom are common.  I believe that there are practical steps that we can all take to connect our hearts to those who live on the front lines.  Surely the Christian Church in the earth needs to strive to build stronger bonds of unity, mutual support and connectedness.  And of course, we in the West, who presently “dwell securely in the coastlands,” can certainly benefit from regular reality checks.
    Jesus explained the principal to us that where our treasure is, there our hearts would be also.  Our “treasure” may be defined by more than just our money.  Beyond our finances, our time and our energies are also equally our treasures.  So if we wish to begin building heart connections with those in lands of persecution then there are some very simple things that we can do.  Of course, to start, we can get to know who they are and where they are, and we can begin to regularly pray for them.  If you are a leader or a pastor, then I encourage you to take a brief moment during every Church service to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.  By this you will be facilitating the development of a bond between your entire congregation and the persecuted Church.  This is a good reality check for those of us who live in such a state of comfort in the West. 
    Secondly, we can begin to develop relationships with real people who live under the threat of persecution.  Letter writing, E-mails, or even visits are all very simple ways to build bonds of mutual support.  If you have a young family with children, then “adopt” a family in a land of persecution.  Your families can exchange letters and the children can draw pictures and make small gifts for each other etc.  As a family, you can regularly pray together for your friends in Pakistan, China, Iraq or wherever they might live.
     And lastly, of course, you can send money.  Do not feel as though you necessarily need to send large amounts, but simply choose an amount, and set it aside each month and send it wherever you feel led to give.  Even if you literally sent five dollars a month, you would be sowing a seed and building a bridge.
    How do you begin to get acquainted with the persecuted Church?  Firstly there are various organizations that minister directly to the persecuted Church throughout the world.  Each ministry has its own special emphasis.  I refer you here to three very good ministries:
     •Voice of the Martyrs at 
    •Operation Nehemiah at
    •The Barnabas Fund at
    •Open Doors Ministries at
    Each ministry has a newsletter that provides updates about current events as well as prayer points and practical ways to support their efforts.  If you have e-mail, then each organization has e-mail reports that they send out with day-to-day updates and prayer requests.  Contact one of these organizations and ask them to help you in establishing a contact such as we discussed above. 


  7. Is getting scary folks. Some verses of the bible such as "Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand." And, "But my righteous one will live by faith. And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back." seem to fit the times ahead. Let us be strong in the Lord and know that our Redemption draweth nigh.

  8. Paul Washer speaks the truth. Persecution is increasing daily towards Christians. In Iraq brothers and sisters are currently fleeing for their lives. In the UK persecution is starting small, homosexuals suing Christian business', workplaces banning the wearing of the cross, online trolls (cowards) calling us bigots and worse. Eventually those cowards will have backing in society and will start attacking face to face.

    We had better be prepared.

  9. The problem with this narrative is the literal fact that 85 million Americans identify with Christ.  The problem is that Christians are not engaged politically.  If they voted out the Democrats, their voting block would see our Country's return to Christ.  Arm yourself, organize into groups, and fight for our Republic.  America was founded by Christians.  Now rise up and defend her.  Stop listening to sermons of defeat. 


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