339 Dead Hurricanes In The U.S.A. !! Scriptures Prediction Satisfied!!

Head of state Obama brows through Alabama as 310 individuals have actually passed away as twisters struck The U.S.A.! Theologian Paul Begley clarifies bible revelation from Matthew 24 as scriptural indicators are being met with dead birds, fish, cows, eagles, whales, as well as currently individuals discovered in Hosea !! Are you all set for the Armageddon?


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  1. @VeriSheri haha Really? which channel, i love Carl Sagan, lol. Its his right to say fuckyourgod, like its your right to say he'll "answer" for those words, or tell him you think its insulting etc. Tell me what do you mean he'll answer for it?

  2. @VeriSheri Telling someone they "answer" for there words aka "GO TO HELL" is just as insulting and worse than an atheist swearing at you. Nothing but a hollow threat, also serving that you think you answer for your God, thats a bit self centred and self righteous don't you think?

  3. @meatbag how can you be censored if you can post your opinion anywhere you want on the web?It's really a beautiful thing if you think about it.There is ALOT a things wrong in this country but it sure is still a GREAT nation and I would die for it in the name of Christianty so my children can have the great life I have been blessed to recieve.

  4. @Meatbag211 More to the point, you stand up when someone elses beliefs serve to oppress yours. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, including the opinion that yours is not only wrong but dangerous. Theists may feel that this is "bashing" but you are "bashing" my opnion when they try to censor it

  5. @rovingdesertfox …..here is my answer: If someone took my Bible away from me, I would still have my FAITH, the basis of Christianity. You are intelligent, articulate and well spoken. It is a shame that you are spiritually lost and refuse the Truth, but that is your decision. God gives us the freedom to choose. Now, do not waste your cynical disbelief on me anymore. I am done with you.

  6. @rovingdesertfox …thanks very much for your suggestions, but the Kingdom of God IS my business– especially when atheists make it their business to come onto Christian channels to mock and criticize Pastor Begley and the Word of God. You are welcome to your freedom of speech and I have the same liberty to call you out for your secular views and lack of respect.

  7. You know, if people actually did their research, there would be a whole lot less bigotry going on in th world. Have you even READ the Quran? If you had, or had studied Islam at all for that matter, then you would know that Islam is actually a religion of peace, and the things that are going on right now are just a portion of people of that religion who have been misguided, just like their are in any religion. They are not representative of the religion itself. Take a class or something.

  8. @meatbag That invisible man loves you and I know he loves me.There have been very educated men(smarter than you and me put together)set out to prove Christianity is a hoax.They are currently believers themselves.I'm not arguing with you either.I respect your beliefs.We live in a great nation where one can practice those beliefs in the open and not be persecuted.God Bless!!!!

  9. @meatbag That invisible man lovesyou brother and I know heloves me.There have been very educated people(smarter than you and me put together) that set out to prove Christianity was a hoax.They are currently believers themselves.Do a little research yourself before you jump on the bandwagon of "haters".I also want youto know that I'm not arguing with you.Your beliefs are your own and we live in a great nation where you can pratice those beliefs in the open and not be persecuted.God Bless!!

  10. @hoon696 "Why would they put much time and effort into bashing ones beliefs."

    When these beliefs cause people to fight climate change initatives, demand creationism taught in school, demand that US foriegn policy support Israel no matter what, keep gays from marrying, halt stem cell research, distort US history by claiming the US was founded a christian nation, etc, I feel it my duty to point out that this invisible man you worship has provided you with no sound evidence for his existence.

  11. @Italian 1413 I completely agree.Why would they put much time and effort into bashing ones beliefs. I don't go to the non believer videos and scream about my faith.Baffling to me.It's a comfort to me knowing I have God in my life.Please just respect that and leave Paul and everyone else be.Ty and God Bless.

  12. This is urgent – what are your pupils doing in command of the school authorities – c utube vid Largest Earthquake Drill In America History As U.S. ShakeOut Begins Along New Madrid Seismic Zone – they have to bow down to the ground and embrace a wooden leg of a table (note: Rev. Not worship devils and idols of silver, bras and WOOD, that can neither walk, talk etc. – and be quiet on top of it – there is more power in doing so with false god! What evill practise! What an abomination – are ye nuts?

  13. The gas prices are because of the speculators on Wall Street. It has nothing to do with OPEC. Don't think for one minute Trump isn't making money off of it. I am willing to bet anything that when it comes time to release all financial records, as all candidates are required to do, that Trump will balk and drop out.

  14. What a complete piece of shit. He is excited, joyful even, that all these people have died, fulfilling his skewed idea of prophesy. Yes! Lets all pray for the destruction of the planet! He reminds me if the Imams that talk about cleavage causing earthquakes.

  15. I love how you didnt say anything about why god would cause such death and destruction. The south is FULL of christians, and yet he sees fit to do this to them. So fast to pat god on the back, but yet so slow to see when does something immoral, or unjust. Simply look in the bible. It is full of the stories describing the evils that god loves to rain down on those he "claims" to love.


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