Jesus Quit Twister In Philippines – Terrific Wonder (Has To See)

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There Is Power For Jesus! This Occurred In The Philippines.


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  1. God Jesus is the best!! Can I get a double amen and a huge like for our huge savior that conquers all and takes care of us and stands up to those who don’t love him! Thank you God for giving us the keys to heaven and letting us bind up everything that is in heaven and earth! We are saved and cured and healed! People of Jesus Christ! Time to accept your inheritance and take care of the world once and for all! He has given us power to stop all these things now! No more why God! It’s all in our hands now and we decide because we are the inheritance of Christ and will do everything he did for his people which is us! Time to save and be saved! We are the new super hero’s! Matthew it says Jesus stated these are the signs that follow all who believe! Whoever believes can do all I did and greater because I’m going to the father!! Let’s take the inheritance once and for all and save our people!!! Amen!!


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